July 23, 2008

We always have to be on some kind of celebrity baby-bump watch, and it’s become evident after the past couple days, we’ve moved on from Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Garner. Friends of hers have told me she is expecting and may be 5 months along. Judge for yourself - here's a recent candid photo of Jennifer...

Two photographers were arrested outside of Britney Spears’ home Monday. What did they do wrong? They were loitering on city property. LA police say they’re going to use existing laws to crack down on what’s being called “increasingly aggressive paparazzi” behavior. “Existing laws to keep order”? Am I missing something? Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?

Former star of Melrose Place Heather Locklear has checked out of rehab after 4 weeks of treatment for anxiety and depression. Her rep had no comment but I hear she’ll be catching up on lost time with her 10 year-old daughter.

The first pictures of Matthew McConaughey’s baby boy Levi are out. Evidently the pressure is already on for baby Levi. Matthew wants his son to be “a little cooler” than him. Here's mom, dad and the new bundle of joy:

STAR Artist John Mayer wants everyone to know that just because you see his mug in the tabloids every 12 hours doesn’t mean he’s lost touch with the fans. On his website today he wrote “This has become more than just ticket sales and career advancement. These shows have transcended. This is about making 20,000 people feel okay in the world.” He certainly has a way with words. He also wrote to the magazines, blogs and gossip mags “You may have my image, but you cannot take my sound.”

Will Smith is shakin’ his moneymaker after news today he’s the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Over the past year, Will made $80 million – his per-movie paycheck ranges in the 8-figure range. Will’s nearest moneymaking rival is Johnny Depp who made $72 million in the last year. Not bad for a drunk, demonic, pirate barber.

Here’s a study I thought was awesomely interesting. Two-thirds of people who have tattoos removed are female. Why? Three main reasons: general embarrassment, negative comments from family and friends and they have trouble finding clothing to cover up the tattoo. For those who haven’t had a tattoo removed, it so super-fun – like…having your skin smacked with a rubber band over and over, or like getting splashed with hot grease. Have you had a tattoo removed?

Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke wants to pose naked in Playboy. Is that something you want to see? Sources tell me Playboy wants a cover or at least a photo-shoot. Speaking of the messed-up world of Hulk Hogan’s family, guess how his son will spend his 18th birthday – transferring to an adult prison. He’ll get released in October.

The stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame apparently need more than a little help to keep sparklin'. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is hoping to raise 4.2 million dollars to restore 778 damaged stars, including Joan Collins’. Well this is easy, just ask Joan, I’m sure she knows some surgeons who do great touch-ups...

We certainly get quick turnarounds on rumor denials nowadays. Spokespeople out in Hollywood say that Tom Cruise will not be back as Maverick for the Top Gun sequel I told you about yesterday.

STAR Artist The Plain White Ts are giving STAR listeners a view of what went into making their new album Big Bad World. Starting June 30th, you can go to
MeetMeInCalifornia.com and watch webisodes about the making of the CD.

STAR Artist Pink is all set to release her fifth CD on October 28th. It’s her first studio album since she and her hubby split up so it should provide some good, deep, emotional material.

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