November 26, 2008

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!
Note: There will be no "Welcome Matt" updates Thursday or Friday.

Here are the movies opening today:
* Australia -- Aussie actors Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman team up for this World War Two epic. Kidman is a British aristocrat who inherits an Australian ranch she's in danger of losing to cattle barons. To save her land, she gets the help of a cattle driver, played by Jackman. Rated PG-13.

* Four Christmases -- Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are a couple who's forced to visit each one of their four divorced parents, much to their dismay. Robert Duvall, Jon Favreau, Mary Steenburgen, and country music singers Dwight Yoakam and Tim McGraw also star. Rated PG-13.

* Transporter 3 -- The first Transporter movie in three years has Jason Staham reprising his role as Frank Martin, an ex-Special Forces operative. He has to transport the kidnapped daughter of a Ukrainian official across Europe. Rated PG-13.

Rosie O'Donnell comes to primetime TV tonight in her NBC variety special Rosie Live. If the former View co-host stays true to form, you can expect her to stir up some sort of controversy on the one-hour program, which will begin with a monologue from O'Donnell. She'll be joined during the show by guest stars Alec Baldwin and Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock, Rachel Ray, Liza Minnelli, Kathy Griffin, Harry Connicl Jr., Ne-Yo, Alanis Morrissette, Clay Aiken and Gloria Estefan. Rosie Live airs on NBC tonight at 7 p.m.

Brooke Burke won Dancing With the Stars...hurray! Okay, now bring on NBC's new show, Superstars of Dance.

Well this is...sucky. STAR Artist Daughtry has pushed back the release of their next CD to summer of 2009. It's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince all over again! The band members are headed home for the Thanksgiving holiday - which is a good thing because two of their wives are preggers!

STAR Artist David Cook hasn't had much time to get back home to Kansas City thanks to the whirlwind of activity with American Idol and putting out his first album. But for Thanksgiving he'll finally be able to make it back home. That leaves Idol runner-up David Archuleta the duty of riding and performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

STAR Artist Nickelback has just announced plans to tour in support of their new album, "Dark Horse." No, not concert in Green Bay, but they will be at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee on March 14th.

November 25, 2008

If Lance Bass wins Dancing With the Stars tonight, it’ll be more than just his sweet feet that get him the Mirror Ball trophy. His partner, Lacey, tells me they have a pre-show routine. "He has this little tub of glitter. A fan gave it to him and it's supposed to be his good luck dust. So what he does is, he takes it, throws it in the air and stands under it. Ever since we started doing that, things have been looking up for us." His pre-show routine involves glitter. Shocker.

Tom Cruise’s daughter does not wear the pants in the family. He told me his two-year-old Suri refuses to wear pants. "Kate finally got her in jeans the other day. We put the pants on and walk away and the pants are off and the dress is on." So Tom Cruise is having cooperation problems with both of the women in his life. Suri refuses to wear pants and Katie Holmes refuses to wear leg irons.

STAR Artists OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles have teamed up to record a beautiful duet version of OneRepublic’s “Coming Home.” The version is specifically dedicated to our troops serving our country overseas. OneRepublic’s lead singer Ryan Tedder told me he wrote the song about a friend who got engaged and then shipped off to Iraq the next day. You can hear grab the whole song off iTunes right now.

She gave up her American Idol crown to STAR Artist David Cook, but now Jordin Sparks is carrying around a much more important title: role model. Ever since Jordin defended the notion of purity rings back in September, she's has been held up as an example of the kind of artist teens should look up to. She says being that role model isn’t something she takes lightly, “But it's difficult. I have to watch what I say, what I do, who I hang out with, where I go. I'm constantly having to watch myself."

Speaking of American Idol...
A few notable candidates have made their way into the new season of American Idol that kicks off in January. You’ll see David Osmond, nephew of Donnie and Marie, Michael Castro younger brother of the dreadlocked Jason from last season, Danielle Roundtree, a.k.a. Miss New York USA 2008 and Tom and Jennifer Korbee who will go down as the first husband and wife to both make it to Hollywood on Idol.

November 24, 2008

Here's a complete Box-Office recap from this past Twilight - I mean weekend:
1. Twilight, $70.6 million
2. Quantum of Solace, $27.4 million
3. Bolt, $27 million
4. Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa, $16 million
5. Role Models, $7.2 million
6. Changeling, $2.6 million
7. High School Musical 3: Senior Year, $2 million
8. Zack and Miri Make a Porno, $1.7 million
9. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, $1.67 million
10. The Secret Life of Bees, $1.28 million

We may be forced to watch a sequel to the writers' strike that began last year and lasted for 100 days. This time, it's the Screen Actors Guild that's moving one step closer to calling a strike, after contract talks with Hollywood studios, represented by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, broke down last week. Though a federal mediator was brought in to help negotiate a new labor agreement, SAG announced on Saturday that it will ask members to authorize a strike. The SAG national president said, "We really tried to meet the AMPTP more than halfway and they were immovable, so now were in a position where we have to go to our members for a strike authorization." In turn, the AMPTP blasted the actors union for the timing of their decision, saying, "SAG is bizarrely asking its members to bail out the failed negotiating strategy with a strike vote -- at a time of historic economic crisis." In order to authorize a strike, more than 75 percent of SAG members would need to vote their approval. The vote would take over a month to complete.

Three is the magic number on Dancing with the Stars this week. The three finalists, Brooke Burke, Lance Bass and Warren Sapp, will perform three dances over the next two nights, before the seventh-season champion is crowned. Tonight, the celebrities will take part in what's being billed as a "Samba Smackdown," and will also perform a freestyle routine. On tomorrow night's results show, they'll reprise one of their favorite routines from earlier in the season. So who's the favorite to win? It depends who you ask, but Las Vegas oddsmaker John Avello surprised a lot of people when he moved Brooke from his favorite to the longshot. He's had Brooke as his favorite since the first time he saw her dance, but that changed after last week's show, and she's now his five-to-two longshot because, "it looks like she might be losing steam." Avello believes Sapp is the favorite right now, at odds of eight-to-five, followed by Bass at nine-to-five. But he says Burke could easily regain her favorite status if she performs strongly tonight.

STAR Artist Madonna and Guy Ritchie are now on their way to officially becoming ex-spouses. On Friday, the couple were granted a preliminary "quickie divorce in the High Court of London, and it will become permanent in the next six weeks if there are no disputes. According to court documents, Madonna said in a sworn statement that she's divorcing Guy because of his, quote, "unreasonable behavior." The court proceedings took one minute -- neither the couple nor their attorneys were present. Madonna laments, "I'm sad about my personal life." Fortunately, she has her Sweet & Sticky tour: "It provides a distraction that keeps me going."

STAR Artist Leona Lewis has been with her boyfriend since they were kids, but despite reports of an impending wedding, she won't confirm the current status of their relationship. Leona tells me, "He's a great friend to me. The foundation of our relationship is friendship. He's been very supportive." It was Lou who pushed Leona to audition for Simon's British American Idol-like show X Factor. When she won, it launched her career. So what about her future with Lou? Leona says, "I'm a 'now' person. I think Lou's great. I'd love, in the future, to get married...but I don't know what's going to happen in the future. I don't know where I'm going to be."

Most artists whose album just debuted at #2 on the charts would be popping bottles of Cristal and partying all night. But STAR Artist David Archuleta, well, he's been busy trying to complete his Eagle Scout certification.

The release of Prospekt's March, the new EP from STAR Artist Coldplay, has been pushed forward a day - the eight-song disc arrives today instead of tomorrow.

STAR Artist No Doubt will start touring again in summer 2009, so get ready for that.

November 21. 2008

‘Bout time it happened! STAR Artist Ashlee Simpson and her husband, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, welcomed a baby boy last night named…ready for it?...Bronx Mowgli Wentz. According to the couple’s spokesperson, mom, dad and baby are doing great. By the way, if you’re wondering where the name Mowgli came from, the only Mowgli I know is the main character from The Jungle Book. Bronx weighed in at 7 pounds 11½ ounces and 20½ inches long.

2 new movies hit theaters today and both are gonna pull in big bucks. Okay, one more so than the other.
* Bolt -- John Travolta voices the dog Bolt, a TV action star who's under the impression that he can pull off his on-screen stunts in real life. Bolt gets a dose of reality when he's accidentally shipped off to New York City and meets a cat named Mittens and a hamster trapped in a plastic ball named Rhino. Miley Cyrus lends her voice to Bolt's co-star and owner, Penny. Rated PG.

* Twilight -- The best-selling series of vampire books by author Stephanie Meyer comes to life on the big screen. British heartthrob Robert Pattinson, who's appeared in two Harry Potter films as Cedric Diggory, stars in the lead role of the vampire Edward. He strikes up a romance with Bella, a teenage girl played by Kristen Stewart. Rated PG-13.

Speaking of Twilight...
British actor Robert Pattinson who plays Edward in the new movie Twilight said it’s time to hide out a little. He told me at the U.S. premiere of Twilight he went completely deaf for a few minutes thanks to the adoring female fans. He plans to lay low in London for a while. Actress Kristen Stewart, Robert’s co-star in Twilight says she knows what all that screaming is for. “He's British. He's tall. He always looks like he's thinking about something. And he's quite witty. So he's pretty sexy.” So, does him being physically unattractive help him be sexier then? Just kidding girls…

Since the Packers don’t play ‘til Monday, hopefully you can fit the American Music Awards into your TV-watching schedule this Sunday. STAR Artist Alicia Keys leads the nomination tally with 5, STAR Artist Coldplay has 4. As for performances you’ll see STAR Artists Christina Aguilera, Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Alicia Keys, The Fray, Pink and New Kids on the Block! Check out the AMAs Sunday at 7 p.m. on ABC.

Another one bites the dust. And another. And another. ABC has cancelled 3 shows: Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money. Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller hadn’t spoken to ABC yet about the announcement but told me, “If we are indeed dead on ABC, we now have to convince DC Comics to let us tell the rest of the season's story lines out in comic book form and convince Warner Bros. features to let Pushing Daisies live again as a movie.” The CW can relate to ABC’s ratings woes – they had to cancel their entire Sunday-night line-up.

Forbes magazine has named Hollywood’s Most Powerful Couples. Would you believe it? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aren’t number one! Here's the list. The dollar amount is the couple combined earnings for the past year.
1. Jay-Z and Beyoncé, $162 million
2. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, $85 million
3. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, $58 million
4. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, $35 million
5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, $34 million
6. Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, $30 million
7. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, $28 million
8. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, $25 million
9. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, $22.5 million
10. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, $22 million

STAR Artist John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston turned another corner in their relationship on Wednesday night – John met Jen’s parents for the first time. So how did he do? He was definitely nervous. He told me he felt like he was on Dancing With the Stars. At one point Jennifer went to the ladies room and John blurted out, “How am I doing? I’m a wreck!” Despite the nervousness John, as you can imagine, was a big hit.

Today was supposed to be the day the new Harry Potter movie The Half Blood Prince opened nationwide. Instead, the movie was moved to July of 2009. WTF?! So to help ease the misery some of us are feeling here's the latest Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince trailer. It just came out a few days ago. Enjoy!

My favorite show of all-time is being made into a movie! Arrested Development, which had a short run of brillance on Fox, is becomming a major motion picture. A cast member who asked to remain nameless says, "Yes, it's a go. We're all very excited. And it will happen with or without the holdout." Wait, a holdout? Apparently one original cast member has not signed on...yet. But it's really happening. An Arrested Development movie! I'm so excited!!

STAR Artist Jordin Sparks will be on the AMAs on Sunday, the had back on tour with Alicia Keys and after that’s all done start working on her new CD, but she says she’s a little…confused. “I don't know what kind of sound I want for my album, or how many songs...I'm so confused. I don't know." Maybe she can hash some ideas out with Gina Glocksen, one of her fellow Top 10 finalists from season 6 of American Idol when she stands up in her wedding on New Year’s Eve.

STAR Artist Sarah McLachlan will receivethe Allan Waters Humanitarian Award at next year's Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys, in honor of her charity work.

November 20, 2008

Finally, Britney Spears is admitting what most of us have suspected all along: her marriage to Kevin Federline may have been a mistake. In the upcoming MTV documentary Britney: For The Record, Britney says, "I think I married for the wrong reasons. Instead of following my heart and doing something that made me really happy, I just did it for the idea of everything." K-Fed and Britney tied the knot in 2004; their divorce became final in 2007. In another gem from the documentary, Britney says she doesn't need therapy because for her, making music and dancing is just as good. As Britney says, "For me, art is therapy because it's like you're expressing yourself in such a spiritual way." If her music is therapy then why do I need to drink heavily after listening to it?

According to the British press, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have come to an agreement (yes, already!) in the terms of their divorce. So how much of Madonna's $500 million fortune does Guy get? He actully refused to take a single penny. Are yu kidding me?! Not even a mil or two? A source close to the settlement says the couple will share custody of their 2 kids, Rocco and David. The kids will split their time between mommy in New York City and daddy in London. So that went...quickly. And politely. What the hell is going on here?!

STAR Artist Chris Daughtry made his acting debut in CSI: New York last night but he’s still focused on his day job: that “music” thing. Unfortunately, Chris tells me the band’s new album is taking longer than they expected. “We will NOT be finished for a while, now...we just want to make sure it's right.” But to leave us feeling happy and hopeful, Chris also says, “I'm extremely proud of what we've done. It's, in my opinion, the best stuff I've ever had a part in writing. And hopefully, you'll all feel the same."

What NOT to do when you have a chance to talk to the celebrity you've been obsessed with for 17 years:

Jennifer Aniston is just like a lot of us: she watches re-runs of Friends. She says she still watches the show in re-runs and finds herself at times not remembering ever making a particular episode. Jennifer says she still finds the show funny and there are moments when she laughs her, quote, "rear end off." She watches re-runs? Shouldn’t she have nabbed some free DVDs along the way?

All the cool kids have been putting out deluxe editions of their hit albums, but STAR Artist OneRepublic doesn’t need to follow any stinkin’ trends. Instead of putting one of those together, they’re just gonna put out a brand new album. They’ll wrap up their tour in early January then move into a house together and get to work.

STAR Artist Jason Mraz has been given a huge honor: he’ll perform at this year’s Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway.

Sexiest Man Alive 2008

It's official: the Sexiest Man Alive 2008 is Hugh Jackman! From People magazine:
He's a triple threat: a star who can sing, dance and wield a weapon.

At 6 ft. 2 in., all scruff and biceps, Hugh Jackman looms large in the epic Australia, which he says kept him "dirty 95 percent of the time" and left people stammering, "Oh ... my ... God," according to costar Nicole Kidman, who adds, "Women's jaws drop when Hugh walks into a room."
So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Steve & Chelly in the Morning will take your calls tomorrow morning at 7:06 on STAR 98.

November 19, 2008

Cody Linley may have had a hard time making friends on Dancing with the Stars before his elimination last night. According to one source he was "always whining about something or someone." Another insider claimed Cody is "very calculating, driven young man" who knew he was gaining more exposure on Dancing with the Stars than he has on the Disney Channel series. However, both my sources indicate he wasn't as out of control as other reports have suggested, "Cody has never been seen drinking on the set...I think some relatively innocent flirting with some of the women got blown out of proportion."

Forbes has put out a new list of Hollywood's Hottest Tots. That's "tots" not...never mind. Now don't worry, we're not actually judging how attractive these kids are, it's a measure of public interest. Check out the Top 10 and click each name to see why they're so "hot."
1. Suri Cruise - daughter of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
2. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt - daughter of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
3. Zahara Jolie-Pitt - adopted daughter of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
4. Pax Joli-Pitt - adopted daughter of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
5. Sam Alexis Woods - daughter of Tiger & Elin Woods
6. Cruz Beckham - son of David & Victoria Backham
7. Matilda Rose Ledger - daughter Michelle Williams and the late Heath Ledger
8. David Banda - adopted son of Madonna & Guy Ritchie
9. Sean Preston Federline - son of Britney Spears & Kevin Federline
10. Sam Sheen - daughter of Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen

The vampire movie Twilight opens nationwide this Friday, and bloodsuckers, I mean, movie executives, will be happy to hear late-night showings of the movie are selling out faster than you can say "bite me." The online ticket site Fandango reports it has already sold out almost 700 screenings for Twilight, including approximately 500 midnight showings. So I guess that’s why it’s so great I’ve got your tickets into Twilight all this week with the Birthday Stumper at 12:30!

STAR Artist Taylor Swift is full of surprises. Like many other singers, she’s thought about making the jump to acting, but only if she can play a…darker character. Taylor tells me, “I could be a crook on CSI. Hopefully, one that's really twisted that took, like, four episodes to figure out." As for Grey's Anatomy, she says, "I would play a corpse 'cause I love it that much. It is a deep true love, and it will never die.”

STAR Artist Leona Lewis may be a gorgeous & talented international superstar, but she still doesn't like people seeing her in a bathing suit. Leona tells me that it was a "nightmare" when pictures of her on vacation in Barbados last year appeared in print. She says, "I'm a normal-sized girl and it's embarrassing. Nobody in their right mind wants to see rough-looking bikini shots of themselves from every dodgy angle." To the right is one of the pictures in question. I'm not quite sure what she's so embarrassed about, she looks great!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrated something this week that rarely happens in Hollywood – a second wedding anniversary. Apparently they celebrated at home before Katie had to fly back to New York City where’s she starring on Broadway in All My Sons.

STAR Artist Chris Daughtry will make his acting debut tonight on the 100th episode of CSI: New York. Check that out tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS.

November 18, 2008

Heather Locklear has been formally charged in connection with her September DUI when she was caught driving under the influence of prescription medication. We don’t know which pills she was popping on account of privacy laws. She’s scheduled for arraignment January 26th.

If you love that song “I’m Yours” by STAR Artist Jason Mraz but for some reason haven’t picked up the CD it’s on, today is the day you’ve been waiting for. Jason is releasing a deluxe edition of “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” today featuring all the normal songs plus 12 extra songs released on a series of fan-only EPs earlier this year, a DVD from a concert in New York City, a documentary and a 20-page booklet with full lyrics and artwork. Now that’s getting your money’s worth!

He’s been waiting for this day for 26 years – STAR Artist David Cook’s debut self-titled CD hits stores today. On the CD he’s co-written songs with the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls’ Johnny Rzeznik and amazingly was able to finish the CD in 2 and a half months. If you’re planning on buy it like I am, here’s something to keep in mind: if you buy the version off iTunes you’ll get a bonus song called “My Last Request,” and if you buy the Wal-Mart version, you’ll get a bonus track called “Breathe Tonight.” No matter which version you go for, hopefully you’ll be as pleased as David himself, “I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out."

STAR Artist Nickelback’s new CD is in stores today. It’s called “Dark Horse.”

STAR Artist The All-American Rejects are releasing their new CD today called "When the World Comes Down."

I know a lot of people who love the show Pushing Daisies on ABC. It’s all about a guy who can touch a dead body and bring it back to life – but it doesn’t seem like anyone will be able to bring the show back to life. One of the stars of Pushing Daisies Kristin Chenoweth who plays Olive says they just completed what may have been their final episode and “I think the state of television dire straits, so we'll just keep our fingers crossed.”

STAR Artists Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift will take part in this year’s Grammy Nominations Concert Live. Mariah has signed on to perform, Taylor to perform and serve as co-host with rapper/actor LL Cool J. STAR Artist John Mayer and others are also slated to perform. The show airs December 3rd on CBS.

November 17, 2008

Hope you had a great weekend!

Box-Office Recap for the weekend of November 15th and 16th:
1. Quantum of Solace, $70.4 million
2. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, $36.1 million
3. Role Models, $11.7 million
4. High School Musical 3: Senior Year, $5.9 million
5. Changeling, $4.2 million
6. Zack and Miri Make a Porno, $3.2 million
7. Soul Men, $2.43 million
8. The Secret Life of Bees, $2.4 million
9. Saw V, $1.8 million
10. The Haunting of Molly Hartley, $1.6 million
I saw Quantum of Solace and I'm glad I did. Lots of fun though I'm not sure what it was actually about...Oh well!

This is Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 25 Entertainers of the Year:
1. Robert Downey Jr.
2. Tina Fey
3. Cast and crew of The Dark Knight
4. The Gossip Girls
5. Stephanie Meyer ("Twilight" author)
6. Lil Wayne
7. Rock Band - the video game
8. The women of Sex & the City
9. The Jonas Brothers
10. The Talking Heads (pundits)
11. Meryl Streep
12. The stars of Bravo
13. James Franco
14. WALL-E
15. Coldplay
16. Elizabeth Banks
17. Yunjin Kim & Daniel Dae Kim
18. Kid Rock
19. John Hamm
21. Katy Perry
22. Richard Jenkins
23. Michael Phelps
24. Leona Lewis
25. Neil Patrick Harris

One of my favorite comedic actors, Paul Rudd, hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend but it was a scene-stealing moment from a STAR Artist that had me laughing the hardest. Justin Timberlake appeared on the "Weekend Update" segment and proceeded to tell us exactly how it would happen if he were to be able to host next weekend. Check out the skit:

You will no longer hear the sounds of teens screaming at the top of their lungs on MTV's TRL. The show signed off after 10 years last night, featuring a roll call of pop stars who established themselves on TRL, including STAR Artist Justin Timberlake. There were appearances by Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera and tons more.

What’s STAR Artist Bon Jovi up to right now? Working on a new live DVD shot during their most recent tour as well as a documentary and a new Greatest Hits collection. They’re actually writing some new material for that Greatest Hits package so that’ll be great to hear!

If George Clooney changes his mind and returns to ER this season, he will not be reunited with his on-screen love interest Julianna Marguiles. She says she turned down an offer by NBC to make a return cameo and, “I feel like I left Carol Hathaway in the best scenario possible."

American Idol winner and STAR Artist David Cook credits his girlfriend and fellow Idol alum Kimberly Caldwell for giving him peace and perspective in the midst of the reality show’s frenetic world of stardom. “I think she just gets that this is all nuts. She's a nice break from the chaos."

STAR Artist The Fray got their big break when their song “How to Save a Life” was in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Well this Thursday, they’ll try to recapture that magic. Their new single “You Found Me” will debut in a one-minute promo on Thursday that includes scenes from the upcoming season of Lost as well as music video footage.

November 14, 2008

Tina Fey, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Miley Cyrus have all fascinated Barbara Walters this year. Those celebrities and more will be featured in the 2008 edition of Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People special. Also making the cut are Olympic super-athlete Michael Phelps and conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Want to know the identity of the number-one most fascinating person in 2008? You'll have to watch the ABC special on December 4th to find out.

I’ve been excited about this ever since I saw the first trailer – the new James Bond movie opens today! Quantum of Solace has already stirred up plenty of interest elsewhere – it opened last weekend overseas and pulled in $160 million. My guess is it will dominate the box-office this weekend. I really liked Casino Royale and I think Daniel Craig plays a great James Bond. Quantum of Solace is in theaters today.

The latest Hollywood couples getting together for play dates with their kids are costars from Tropic Thunder. Ben Stiller’s wife Christine Taylor says their 6 year-old daughter Ella, has enjoyed a series of play dates with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ 2 year-old daughter Suri. Christine tells me, "Suri's amazing, Tom and Katie are terrific. When little kids get together you just let them do their thing and there's no outside elements, you know what I mean." Cruise and Stiller don't allow their kids to have play dates with Angelina Jolie's children. They're afraid she'll keep them.

STAR Artist David Cook is going overseas to entertain the troops. After that he’ll head out on a U.S. tour and David has said he wants to play college campuses but no dates have been nailed down yet.

November 13, 2008

Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce are on The Oprah Winfrey Show today and Oprah didn’t dance around anything with Aniston. She got right to it asking her about the recent interview she did with Vogue. Jennifer says “I basically just answered the reporter’s questions as honestly as I could.” If you want to check out the things she said check out yesterday’s Welcome Matt update. As for what she thinks of Brad now, Jennifer tells Oprah, “He’s done some amazing things in the past couple of years. So I just think he’s doing great.” Actually, she hopes he doesn't do too well on Christmas Day, when his film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and her movie Marley & Me both open in theaters. Aniston joked to Oprah, "We all want our movie to do well...Can we have a tie?"

TV Guide has named the Toughest TV Action Stars of all-time. Here they are!
1. MacGyver
2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
3. Jack Bauer (24)
4. Sydney Bristow (Alias)
5. Magnum, P.I.
6. La Femme Nikita
7. Walker, Texas Ranger
8. Brandon Walsh (Beverly Hills, 90210)
9. Xena: Warrior Princess
10. Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man

If you thought you’d seen the last of Sarah Palin, think again. Apparently Desperate Housewives is…desperate to get the Alaskan governor to appear on the show’s season finale. I’m sure Palin has agreed to do the show, if the rumor is true. I mean, the have an entire wardrobe department!

STAR Artist Kelly Clarkson’s last CD was called “My December” but her producer tells me that we could expect a new single from her as soon as this December. The title of the song doesn’t do much for my hopes at a better CD from her – it’s called “My Life Would Suck Without You.” Is she in 7th grade or something?

STAR Artist Taylor Swift is sure to be raking in the cash with the release of her new CD "Fearless", combined with the previous success of her hit “Teardrops On My Guitar,” but she tells me she spends her money wisely. “I only invest money back into my I bought myself a new tour bus. I put every one on my team on salary." She did splurge on one thing: a silver Lexus SC 430 hardtop convertible.

Angelina Jolie can blame falling in love with Brad Pitt on the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And apparently she can blame her recent pregnancy on another movie she did – Changeling. She told me she became pregnant because of the movie’s themes. “I got pregnant right in the middle of it and I think partially because of it. I was so emotional about children that I think something in me kicked into gear."

As I’ve told you , STAR Artists Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Pink and The Fray are performing at this year’s American Music Awards. Meanwhile, the AMAs will have a one-hour pre-show for the first time ever which will feature a 2-song performance by STAR Artist David Cook. The AMAs are Sunday, November 23rd on ABC.

November 12, 2008

The bad blood between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie is apparently boiling over once more. Jennifer is interviewed in the December issue of Vogue and she actually had a lot to say. Heck, they couldn’t shut her up! Specifically on Brad and Angelina she said, “There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening. I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss. That stuff about how she couldn't wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.” Here's more:
* On what it was like to go through such a high-profile divorce: "Well, it never was that bad. I mean, look, it's not like divorce is something that you go, 'Oooh, I can't wait to get divorced!'...But I've got to tell you, it's so vague at this point, it's so far away in my mind, I can't even remember the darkness. I mean, in the end, we really had an amicable split."

* On whether she still speaks to Pitt: "We have exchanged a few very kind hellos and wishing you wells and sending you love and congratulations on your babies. I have nothing but absolute admiration for him, and...I'm proud of him! I think he's really done some amazing things!"

* On dating her Break-Up co-star Vince Vaughn: "I call Vince my defibrillator. He literally brought me back to life. My first gasp of air was a big laugh! It was great. I love him....He was lovely and fun and perfect for the time we had together. And I needed that. And it sort of ran its course."

* On the media frenzy surrounding her on-again-off again relationship with John Mayer: "Love just shows up and you go, 'Oh, wow, this is going to be a hayride and a half...."He is a wonderful guy. We care about each other."

Yesterday I told you the Obama daughters were invited to appear on Hannah Montana and today it looks like Billy Ray Cyrus may have jumped the gun on that one. The all important mom, Michelle Obama, told me that they have received no such offer for the girls. So in that spirit, Disney officially invited them to be on the show. “We're pleased that Malia and Sasha are fans and, as long as their parents say it's OK, they are invited to the set of Hannah Montana and all Disney Channel shows, for a guest role or a visit, anytime.” Never forget about asking mom’s permission.

“So many tears! Everyone was crying when he left.” That’s how Lance Bass describes backstage after Dancing With the Stars when they had to say goodbye to Maurice Greene. Tears – expected. But what wasn’t expected was the small portion of the crowd who cheered – loudly – when he was booted. What was up with that? They were the hormonally charged teen girl fans who were thanking their maker the cute boy was spared.

Senator John McCain was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night for his frist post-election television appearance. Wanna watch it?

STAR Artist got to serenade Hillary Clinton with her favorite song at an event honoring her. Actress Mary Steenburgen brought out David and he belted out “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.”

Shocking: a star who openly admits to gaining weight! STAR Artist Fergie told me she gained 13 pounds for her new role in the movie Nine. “I ate everything!...everything fried…things I don’t normally eat. Now she’s trying to lose the weight.

BREAKING: Desperate Housewives Star Hospitalized

From E! Online:
Here's a cliffhanger Jesse Metcalfe could've done without.

Desperate Housewives' sexy gardener is recuperating in a hospital after surviving a 40-foot fall while partying in Monaco.

Metcalfe was attending an afterparty for the World Music Awards in Monaco Sunday night when he lost his balance and tumbled from a hotel balcony down several flights of stairs. [Jesse] was knocked unconscious, and emergency responders immediately transported him to a French hospital.

A precautionary MRI scan came up negative, and Metcalfe was given the all-clear to fly to England, where he remains hospitalized for additional tests and observation.

"He is a very, very lucky man. The accident could have been fatal," [said] a rep for Metcalfe.

November 11, 2008 - Happy Veterans Day!

Isaiah Washington, former Grey’s Anatomy star who was canned for some anti-gay remarks, is speaking out against the recent firing of Brooke Smith who was let go because allegedly producers weren’t comfortable with the lesbian storyline that was developing., Isaiah says “It's unfortunate because it was probably, at the time, the most progressive show on television. Now I see it being systematically torn apart." Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes tells me Brooke was obviously not fired for playing a lesbian. They, “did not find that the magic and chemistry with Brooke's character would sustain in the long run."

President-Elect Barack Obama’s adorable daughters are already reaping the benefits of daddy’s recent election. Billy Ray Cyrus hinted yesterday that Malia and Sasha have been invited to appear on Hannah Montana. He even hinted it could happen around the same time the Hanna Montana movie hits theaters in April.

The nominations for the People's Choice Awards were announced. Click here to see all the categories and nominations. The People's Choice Awards air January 7th on CBS - vote for your favorites now at

STAR Artist Jordin Sparks has her hand in the fashion world now. Her new line of clothes will be sold by Wet Seal and you can start grabbin’ her stuff off the shelves on the 19th. The collection comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large and will start with holiday dresses then expand to casualwear and accessories.

I can’t believe we’re down to the final 5 already on Dancing With the Stars. Heck, I can’t believe I put my pants on right this morning but anyways… Here’s the Dancing With the Stars leader board after last night:
Brooke Burke & Derek Hough - 55 (28/27)
Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson - 54 (28/26)
Lance Bass & Lacey Shwimmer - 50 (26/24)
Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke - 48 (24/24)
Cody Linley & Edyta Sliwinska - 48 (24/24)
The Results Show is tonight at 7 p.m. on ABC.

STAR Artist Madonna's reported 12 rules of child custody are pretty strict, and include fun-killers like no spiritually unsound toys, no introductions to Guy's lady friends and no newspapers, TV or DVDs. Check out all the super exciting rules by clicking here.

STAR Artist Christina Aguilera has a new "Greatest Hits" CD in stores today with a couple of new songs on it as well.

STAR Artist Jesse McCartney is guest starring on Law & Order: SVU.

November 10, 2008

Here's your full Box-Office Recap:
1. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, $63.5 million
2. Role Models, $19.3 million
3. High School Musical 3: Senior Year, $9.3 million
4. Changeling, $7.3 million
5. Zack and Miri Make a Porno, $6.5 million
6. Soul Men, $5.6 million
7. Saw V, $4.2 million
8. The Haunting of Molly Hartley, $3.5 million
9. The Secret Life of Bees, $3.1 million
10. Eagle Eye, $2.6 million

The latest on the Jennifer Hudson family tragedy from
E! Online:
The "person of interest" in the slayings of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew, William Balfour, has been ordered to remain in prison while police continue to investigate the murders. Balfour has been held at Illinois' Stateville Correctional Center since Oct. 26 on charges of parole violation stemming from a 1999 conviction on attempted murder. At a parole hearing this morning—which could potentially have seen Balfour walk free—the Illinois Prisoner Review Board ruled there was reason to believe he had violated his parole for transgressions unrelated to the Hudson killings, including appearing in places where drugs were sold and, according to his girlfriend, being in possession of a gun that matches the description of the Hudson murder weapon.

Britney Spears' son Jayden was hospitalized today - doctors concluded he had a bad reaction to something he ingested. Maybe he got into some of mom's "secret stash." He'll be discharged tomorrow - hope he's okay.

STAR Artist Ashlee Simpson and husband, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz's baby seems way overdue, and the expectant grandpa says his daughter's getting restless. Joe Simpson says that Ashlee is "ready for this baby," and adds, "The day she found out she was pregnant, she became a woman." What does that mean? "She's concerned about what she eats, and how she prepares for the child, and is the baby's room 'green' enough. It's a transformation you never expect as a parent."

My girlfriend and I have a very honest relationship. I know some of her ex-boyfriends and she definitely knows some of my exes. But not everyone can handle info about their boyfriend or girlfriends’s past love-life. So how much of your past can your man handle, ladies? Check out things he does and doesn’t want to know.

Kung Fu Panda hit stores last week for you to grab it on DVD. It features the voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie and it’s beloved by adults and kids. So what do Angelina’s kids think of her being in the movie? "My kids do love it. They are very, very proud. They have mom dolls everywhere -- they have the Tigress. They love Tigress. They have a big Tigress doll that they keep putting diapers on!"

According to several reports, The Oprah Winfrey Show will be coming to an end, sooner rather than later – 2011. During a conference call on Friday touting Disney’s 3rd quarter earnings, some suit said Oprah would stay with ABC through September 2011, then move into syndication. A rep for the show told me it’s true their contract is only until 2011 but they hadn’t made any final decisions as to whether she’d continue her show after that.

STAR Artist Daughtry’s debut CD has sold 4 million copies, so the band is celebrating with a contest: they want you, a fan, to send in your design for the quadruple-platinum plaque they’ll receive to mark the occasion. Check out for more.

Speaking of Daughtry...
You’ve heard of the crazy demands singers and bands make for their backstage room right? “3 pounds of M&Ms but only the purple M&Ms!” Well I found out what STAR Artist Daughtry wants when they get ready for a show: All they want is beer, Red Bull, clean towels, chips and snacks. They do get a little diva-ish when it comes to the water they drink – it can’t be the Dasani brand. As for cereal, they specifically ask for Lucky Charms, Coco Puffs and Honey Smacks. Good tastes!

I told you last week about STAR Artist Leona Lewis’ plans for a new CD next year and world tour in 2010, but it turns out she’s already met with songwriters about material. Those peeps include Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. Jordin Sparks and Justin Timberlake have also expressed interest in working with Leona on her new album.

The deluxe version of STAR Artist Colbie Caillat’s CD, "Coco", hits stores tomorrow with features all the original material and 7 additional songs, a few of them covers of songs by Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill.

Want a personal guitar lesson from STAR Artist David Cook? Check out his website right now –

Senator John McCain will be making his first post-election appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.

November 7, 2008

Movies hitting theaters today:
* Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa -- Alex the lion and his animal friends from the Central Park Zoo were stranded in Madagascar in the 2005 original. They now find themselves on the African mainland, where they get to interact with their own species. Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer and Jada Pinkett Smith return as Alex, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo. Sacha Baron Cohen, Cedric the Entertainer, Alec Baldwin and The View's Sherri Shepherd also lend their voices. Rated PG.

* Role Models -- Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott are arrested and forced into a mentorship program, with both men struggling with their big brother roles. Rudd's Danny is assigned to a nerdy 16-year-old, played by Superbad actor Christopher "McLovin" Mintz-Plasse, and Scott's hard-partying Wheeler has his hands full with an unruly fifth-grader. Rated R.

* Soul Men -- Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac play estranged former members of a '70s soul music group who are forced to set aside their differences during a road trip to a tribute concert at the Apollo Theater for their frontman, who has passed away. Singer John Legend and the late Isaac Hayes, who died on the same weekend as Mac in August, make cameos. Rated R.

The economy may have been a big issue with voters, but Heidi Klum proved her finances are a-okay this Election Day. She reportedly dropped $6,000 on lingerie at a Victoria's Secret in Los Angeles on Tuesday. As if we needed a reminder that her husband, Seal, is a lucky guy.

If you're an attractive young female celebrity, chances are you're eventually going to have to deny that you're preggers. Well for STAR Artist Taylor Swift, that time has come. She wrote on her MySpace blog the other day, “I read a very creative rumor this morning saying I'm pregnant, which is the most impossible thing on the planet. Take my word for it: impossible." Okay, okay we get it!

STAR Artist David Cook only showed signs of nervousness after singing on Saturday Night Live when he gave a big exhale but apparently he was really nervous before he went on. Like really nervous. Dry-heave nervous. But he did tell me he had a “Blast” and he got to party with Ben Affleck afterwards, so that’s cool.

November 6, 2008

While some celebrities are rejoicing over Barack Obama’s win on Election Day, others are feeling disappointed by the passage of a ban on same-sex marriage in California. Ellen DeGeneres married actress Portia De Rossi in August, a few months after the California Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. Yesterday's passage of the state constitutional amendment Proposition 8 negates that decision. Ellen told me she is, "saddened beyond belief," and that she felt like we had taken "a giant step toward equality" with Obama being named president-elect, but the approval of Prop 8 represented, "a giant step away." She had donated $100,000 and filmed an ad to fight the measure.

Barack Obama’s historic election win has unified the cast of The View. Elisabeth Hasselbeck says she will support Obama because, "that is what as an American I believe we should do." When Elisabeth said she felt good about the election process, known Liberal Joy Behar replied, “So are you saying that I was right all along?”

We may not have seen the last of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin but we have definitely seen the last of Tina Fey’s impersonation of her. She tells me, “I have to retire just because I have to do my day job,” referring to her hit, Emmy-winning show 30 Rock. Tina thinks SNL-er Kristin Wiig will make a great Sarah Palin if they need her.

George Clooney has told us over and over and over again that he is not coming back to ER for its final season. So imagine by surprise when Noah Wyle said this, "From what I heard, George said, 'absolutely,' schedule permitting." Clooney's publicist had no comment. We can definitely expect a guest role from Eriq La Salle who played Dr. Benton. I haven't watched ER in like 8 years but I might now that all these classic, amazing characters are coming back for a reunion!

Someone has saved James Bond for a change. Daniel Craig was so desperate for bacon while shooting Quantum of Solace in Italy, it was shipped from England for him. Craig and the crew wanted English breakfasts, so a British company sent them four vanloads of food each day for the three months they were in Italy shooting the flick. Quantum of Solace, the second Craig-starring Bond film, opens November 14th.

Thankfully she still has her day-job. Susan Lucci had to swallow some humble pie last night on Dancing With the Stars as she became the 7th celeb to get the boot. Despite getting the axe, she was gushing afterwards, "I'm so glad I did it; it was a great experience!" Her costars were the ones disappointed. Lance Bass said, "It sucks! She was the one who was so positive, she had the hardest schedule to keep, and I respect everything that she did."

Guys, better start practicing your excuse for why you can't go see the Sex & the City movie sequel, because it's officially in the works. A rep for the movie studio said yes, the cast is in negotiations. Star Kim Cattrall appeared on a television show in England and told the audience the sequel will begin shooting next summer.

STAR Artist Pink has scored a personal best, chart-wise, with her new CD, Funhouse. It debuts on Billboard's album chart at #2 with first-week sales of 180,000 copies. The highest any of her previous albums have ever risen is #6.

American Idol is back! 2 months. Fox is officially bringing Ryan, Simon, Paula, Randy and new judge Kara back to TV for a two-night, 4-hour mega-premiere on January 13th and 14th. I can't wait to watch the 4 of them crush some dreams!... and I guess find a new, amazing superstar.

Some teeny-boppers are confirmed to be playing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeAmerican Idol runner-up David Archuleta and Miley Cyrus.

BREAKING NOW: Author Michael Crichton Dead

From E! Online:
The gone-haywire theme park of Jurassic Park. The breakneck medical battles of ER. The storm chasers of Twister.

All these and more came from the mind of Michael Crichton, the prolific best-selling novelist turned Hollywood titan, who died Tuesday of what was invariably described as a private battle against cancer. He was 66.

Crichton's 1990 novel Jurassic Park inspired the blockbuster Steven Spielberg franchise. The Andromeda Strain, Congo, Sphere and his Jurassic Park sequel, The Lost World, were among his other books that made the leap from the page to the big screen.

On television, Crichton was an executive producer of ER, the long-running NBC drama that launched George Clooney's star, and which is now in its 15th and final season.

November 5, 2008

Last night was a big night for the United States of America – we elected our first African American president, and whether you voted for him or not I hope you can admit that that in itself says something wonderful about our country. I was glued to my TV for 5 straight hours and all I have one word for you: holograms. Did you see CNN’s coverage? They had people beamed into the set via hologram! Check out a video of the crazy technology. And if you missed Barack Obama’s acceptance speech from last night’s historic election, you can watch all 18 minutes of it right here:

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) remains optimistic about how gays will be portrayed in future episodes of ABC's Grey Anatomy, as the show moves on without the character of Dr. Erica Hahn, who recently came out as a lesbian. In a statement released yesterday, the GLAAD president said the group is "disheartened" that the Erica-Callie relationship has come to an end, but, "because there are so few lesbian characters on network television, we hope that ABC and Grey's Anatomy will commit to further developing Callie's character and her relationships." Check out a sneak peek of Erica’s final episode:

With all her success over the past year, STAR Artist Leona Lewis could probably buy herself a mansion in Los Angeles or a townhouse in New York, but she's still a London girl at heart. She tells me that she's buying her first ever apartment, but it's not in some swanky part of London - it's in Hackney, in East London, where she grew up and it’s the apartment she’s been renting for some time. Leona's buying the apartment with her boyfriend Lou, "When you're settled, it's hard to move -- I love the apartment, it's really private and the neighbors are cool, and it's very close to my mom and dad."

STAR Artist Chris Daughtry will join fellow STAR Artist Alicia Keys next week in New York City for her annual benefit, The Black Ball, which raises money for her charity Keep A Child Alive which works to help African children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. American Idol creator Simon Fuller is being honored at this year's event because of all the money that Idol Gives Back raised for that particular cause. Also on the bill: Justin Timberlake and hot new British STAR Artist Adele.

STAR Artist Janet Jackson’s Rock Witchu tour has come to sputtering halt. Janet had to cancel a slew of dates on the tour last month because she was suffering from serious migraines and vertigo, but it was just announced yesterday that none of those seven shows will be rescheduled, "due to conflicts in the singer's schedule."

November 4, 2008

Most of the guys from STAR Artist The Plain White Ts are backing their hometown hero, Barack Obama (they’re from the suburbs of Chicago) but lead singer Tom says, “It doesn't matter to me really where he's from, I just think he's amazing and hopefully he's gonna pull it off." They’re also amused their hit song “Hey There Delilah” was turned into a parody song that’s lit up YouTube called “Hey Sarah Palin.” Please note this video does not reflect the views of myself or STAR 98.

STAR Artist Daughtry will rock Oprah’s two-day election event bringing together people of different viewpoints. In addition to Daughtry, today’s show features Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and political power couple Mary Matalin and James Carville. Oprah’s Election Special airs today at 4 p.m. on CBS.

As usual, the drama behind the scenes at Grey’s Anatomy is just as interesting as the on-screen storylines. Brooke Smith who plays Dr. Erica Hahn, has been unexpectedly fired from the show because of her character’s gay relationship with Sara Ramirez’s Callie. Apparently, ABC “had issues” with the relationship and Erica was told in mid-September after shooting the scene where her character realizes she’s gay that she was being let go. She told me, “It was the last thing I expected.” So, is it discrimination when you're fired from a job where you're told to be gay? No, I didn’t think so but something about this situation feels really unfair.

STAR Artist Leona Lewis plans on following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie – she tells me, “I definitely want to adopt. My mom was a social worker and my dad was a juvenile offender officer, so I know that there are a lot of kids out there that need to be fostered and adopted.”

STAR Artist Coldplay’s latest CD is one of the top-sellers of the year and is in line to win a slew of Grammy’s but that doesn’t mean the guys are slowing down. By February they’ll be back in the studio recording a new album and hope to have it in stores by the end of 2009.

STAR Artist Hinder’s new CD “Take It to the Limit” is in stores today.

November 3, 2008

There were some more great skits on Saturday Night Live:

Here's this weekend's Box-Office Recap:
1. High School Musical 3: Senior Year, $15 million
2. Zack and Miri Make a Porno, $10.7 million
3. Saw V, $10.1 million
4. Changeling, $9.4 million
5. The Haunting of Molly Hartley, $6 million
6. Beverly Hills Chihuahua, $4.7 million
7. The Secret Life of Bees, $4 million
8. Max Payne, $3.7 million
9. Eagle Eye, $3.4 million
10. Pride and Glory, $3.3 million

The 18 year-old STAR Artist Taylor Swift felt very patriotic this past Thursday – because she voted for the first time. Whether you’re voting for the first time or 20th time, make sure you know where to vote. Find your voting location on the Steve & Chelly page of!

A public memorial service was held yesterday afternoon in Chicago for Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew, who were shot to death last month. Jennifer did not attend the service at Pleasant Gift Memorial Baptist Church, which the Oscar-winning actress attended as a child. Friends and relatives were on hand to share their memories and a private funeral services are scheduled for today.

STAR Artist Maroon 5 will be releasing an album I will be first in line to buy – a remix CD called “Call & Response.” It’ll feature the band’s biggest hits remixed by top producers and artists and lead singer Adam Levine has a really interesting take on why they’re doing this, “I've always found it really interesting that a group of people looking at a painting can all see different things. That was the idea behind this record....we were really blown away by what they came up with.” Look for it in stores December 6th.

What were Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore for Halloween? Boobs. Yeah, I know. How is that different from any other day? Here's Demi hiding from the cameras. She's burying her face in a nice, plush nipple...

STAR Artist Leona Lewis won’t be doing any more touring until 2010 but fans of hers can look forward to a new CD in 2009. She says the new album will have more of a “live feel” and she may be collaborating with fellow STAR Artist Justin Timberlake.

He's made a career out of rejecting people, but American Idol judge Simon Cowell is now the one being rejected. People magazine is reporting Cowell and his longtime girlfriend, Terri Seymour, have broken up. And get this - she dumped him.