BREAKING: Desperate Housewives Star Hospitalized

From E! Online:
Here's a cliffhanger Jesse Metcalfe could've done without.

Desperate Housewives' sexy gardener is recuperating in a hospital after surviving a 40-foot fall while partying in Monaco.

Metcalfe was attending an afterparty for the World Music Awards in Monaco Sunday night when he lost his balance and tumbled from a hotel balcony down several flights of stairs. [Jesse] was knocked unconscious, and emergency responders immediately transported him to a French hospital.

A precautionary MRI scan came up negative, and Metcalfe was given the all-clear to fly to England, where he remains hospitalized for additional tests and observation.

"He is a very, very lucky man. The accident could have been fatal," [said] a rep for Metcalfe.

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