May 30, 2008 - Birthday Stumper Answer

Meet character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. He's turning 50 today and was in the NBC show Heroes, and movies like Sneakers and Groundhog Day. I told ya you'd recognize him!

May 29, 2008

This doesn’t creep just me out right? Supposedly the first picture of Miley Cryus’ first public kiss is worth $30,000. If that kiss happens with some hot, famous teen boy? THAT photo could be worth upwards of $150,000. Why so high? Evidently after the recent surge in train wreck celebrities like Britney, Paris and Lindsay there’s a push towards clean all-American girls. By the way, an ordinary, blah, “oh look at me I’m buying bread at the grocery store” picture of Miley goes for about $2,000.

STAR Artist Ashlee Simpson has FINALLY confirmed what we’ve all known for the past couple of months: she’s pregnant! Her and her new hubby posted a statement online saying they were waiting for the first trimester to be over, which is actually the responsible thing to do, so way to go them! Ashlee says “This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family."

We may have heard the last of Harry Potter but apparently we haven’t heard the first. A major bookstore in Britain will auction off an 800-word postcard size prequel to Harry Potter written by the one-and-only J. K. Rowling. All proceeds from the auction will go to charity. So a Harry Potter prequel? Sounds like J.K. Rowling has been talking to George Lucas. There better not be a character named Jar Jar Potter!

So as I’ve admitted several times in the past week, I’ve watched a good chunk of Sex and the City. But that doesn’t mean ALL men will see the movie. Far from it. But Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker believes in the show, and hopefully movie’s, male fan base. And I agree with her. I think most men will see Sex and the City if Indiana Jones is sold out. And so is The Chronicles of Narnia, Iron Man and Speed Racer. And the cable at home goes out. And there's a power outage so no light to read a book...

The 64 year-old woman who drunkenly hit the car of actress Sandra Bullock and her husband pleaded guilty to the DUI charges. She got probation for a year, loses her license for 2 months and has to complete and alcohol safety program. The judge was incapable of sentencing her to not being a 64 year-old drunk.

The Office star Rainn Wilson landed a cameo role in the Transformers sequel. That starts shooting this summer and comes out next year. Rainn couldn’t elaborate on the role, mostly because he hasn’t read the script.

Actress Kirsten Dunst went public last week saying she checked herself into rehab earlier this year to battle depression but now Star magazine is reporting that may not exactly be truthful. An insider told the magazine that the rehab place Kirsten supposedly went to only deals with chemical dependency and if Kirsten really was depressed she would have been sent somewhere else. Well she’s got be at least real sad now. I mean she just found out she spent all that time at a rehab center that doesn't even treat what's wrong with her.

Remember last month when model Naomi Campbell got arrested at Heathrow airport for supposedly spitting in an officer face? She was formally charged today with six counts including assaulting two police officers. If she’s not careful, this whole “getting arrested” thing could become a habit for her…Naomi’s attorney says she’s disappointed the situation couldn’t be resolved outside of court but respects the courts decision. If I were the lawmakers over there I’d want it resolved outside of court too. No way would I want Naomi near a gavel or any hammer-like object.

In the new Indiana Jones movie, Indy finally settles down with one woman in a real cheesy wedding scene at the end. Looks like the twice-divorced and somewhat-reluctant-to-march-down-the-aisle-again Harrison Ford will marry in real life now as well. Him and Calista Flockhart are reportedly going to tie the knot in a low-key summer ceremony. They’ve dated since 2002, and he’s raised her seven-year-old adopted son as his own.

Batman's secret is out. He drinks milk. The regular kind, even. I totally would have pegged him to traffic in the murky, darkened depths of chocolate milk. Christian Bale as Batman is the latest face of the Got Milk? campaign. Here's proof:

Eddie Murphy needed some cash, so he’ll be back for a fourth installment of "Beverly Hills Cop." It’ll hit the big screen in summer of 2010.

STAR Artist Leona Lewis is the new face of a Teen Sun Safety campaign encouraging teenagers to use sunscreen.

May 28, 2008

Yesterday I told you American Idol runner-up David Archuleta said he’s not ready to date yet. But the same doesn’t go for David Cook. Yesterday on Live with Regis and Kelly he said he took Season 2 finalist Kimberly Caldwell out on a date and everything went well. They were able to bond over their shared Idol experience. As for winning it all on Idol David is still really humble saying he’s “just a nerd who got lucky.” Next up for David is recording his debut album and the American Idols Live Tour which is coming to the Resch Center in Green Bay. Get details at the Concert Calendar at

British tabloids recently reported that their new favorite homeland superstar STAR Artist Leona Lewis was engaged to her long time boyfriend. But as Leona tells us, her favorite “international” radio station, that’s not the case. The interesting question is how him and her are making their relationship work. She’s a huge celebrity now and he’s an electrician but she says her friends, family and loved ones know how important music is to her and support her. By the way, those engagement rumors were on account of a ring spotted on her hand but it’s one that was bought by her boyfriend Lou years ago.

STAR Artist Kelly Clarkson’s last CD was kind of a disappointment sales-wise. Okay not kind of, really a sales disappointment. But on a recent posting on her website it looks like her next album will do much better. She tells us she just finished writing a song with STAR Artist OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder and “it sounds awesome! I can’t wait for y’all to hear it!” Expect her new album by the end of the year.

She reached the pinnacle of celebrity dance and Dancing With the Stars champ Kristi Yamaguchi is already thinking of turning pro. She recently admitted to TV Guide that if she wanted to do so, she’d have to train for years but according to Kristi “dancing has captured my heart.” I hope she knows enough to avoid the “dance halls” that pay in singles.

Maybe this guy doesn’t know how to read. Or maybe he does but doesn’t comprehend. You DON’T mess with the Zohan. Some wanna-be comic is claiming Adam Sandler stole the idea for his new movie You Don’t Mess With the Zohan and has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the movie company. Evidently Zohan seems eerily like a character he created for a web-based comic book called The Hair-Raising Adventures of James Blonde. Clever. So this guy is trying to get the release of this movie stopped. You don’t mess with the Zohan. You get your lawyer to. Here's the trailer for the movie:

If you’re an obsessed fan of NBC’s The Office like I am, then you know just how talented an actor Steve Carell is. Well the Emmy nominations get announced on July 17th and to show you’re support for Mr. Carell being nominated and winning the best lead actor in a comedy series you can order a free, yes I did say FREE, pin that says “Believe in Steve”. Check out to see it and link to order it…free.

This is pretty cool. The networks are coming together. ABC, CBS and NBC will air a simultaneous broadcast the Friday after Labor Day to raise money for cancer research. Fox turned down the offer to participate but they’re going to air public service announcements to promote it. The night will feature musical acts, celebrities and appearances from stars of each of the networks news programs and shows.

She’s on a hit television show, married to an NBA superstar so why oh WHY is Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria working at Wendy’s? Eva was working the drive-thru yesterday to promote Wendy’s new Father’s Day Frosty Weekend where 50 cents from every Frosty sold go to an adoption charity. Eva didn’t have to do much research for this role. She worked at Wendy’s from '91-'94. Actually she did so well she should probably check the schedule. She’s scheduled to close next Saturday...

STAR Artist Madonna and child are officially together. A Malawi judge has finally approved the adoption of David Bonda after more than a year and half after Madonna and hubby Guy picked him out at an orphanage. Madonna’s lawyers didn’t realize it but when they told reporters “it’s all over…thank God” they were really speaking for all of us.

Former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Gary Dourdan pleaded guilty this morning to two of three drug posession charges. He won't serve any time but instead has to go to a series of drug0education courses.

American Idol winner David Cook has officially signed a record deal with RCA. Look for a debut album this fall!

May 27, 2008

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

How much would someone pay for used lip gloss? Lip gloss used by STAR Artist Madonna. Well Madonna herself found out last Thursday night when she auctioned off that and other personal stuff at a benefit to raise money for AIDS research. The lip gloss was actually part of a bigger auction package, the contents of Madonna’s purse. That sold for $472,000. She also auctioned off a guitar she used on tour and a live private performance. Those went for about $500,000 a piece. And no, she wasn’t above begging for bigger and bigger bids at one point saying "Don't humiliate me. People have offered me millions to play at their bar mitzvahs!"

During his time on American Idol runner-up David Archuleta inspired screams of passion from millions of pre-pubescent girls but recently he told us he’s not ready for any kind of romance. He thinks he's too immature to understand the feelings of like or love.

American Idol winner and STAR Artist David Cook recently spoke to us about the unusually large amount of votes he won American Idol by last week. He blames the 12 million vote differential on his awesome fans. Well now he gets to look ahead to a recording career. David says he wants to make albums that make our hair stand on end. The first single is a good start.

STAR Artist OneRepublic has had to deal with its fair share of confused fans. A lot of people think that the song "Apologize" is by Timbaland. Lead singer of OneRepublic Ryan tells us that couldn’t be farther from the truth, “I wrote 'Apologize' five years ago. I can’t wait ‘til people stop asking me about Timbaland.” Obviously the band can’t complain too much. Timbaland’s name attachment helped catapult the song to crazy-awesome status and helped make the band a boat-load of money. So much so they’re considering dropping a million bucks on a slightly-used private jet. Good, I’ve bee looking to get rid of one of mine...

Even though once applied a certain breath-a-lyzer proved STAR Artist Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroger had nearly twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system, Chad is applealing his recent DUI conviction saying the officer didn’t have any reasonable suspicion that Chad was driving drunk.

All other movies took a box office beating this weekend. As you expected, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull dominated theaters this holiday weekend pulling in over $150 million between Thursday and yesterday making it the second highest earning Memorial Day weekend earning, behind Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. I’m proud to say I contributed to that. The girlfriend and I saw it on Saturday night. Without going into too much of a rant I’ll just say this. She loved it. I hated it.

According to the New York Post STAR Artist John Mayer and Jennifer Anniston have been dating a whole heck of a lot longer than we originally thought. Supposedly they’ve been boyfriend girlfriend for 3 months now. In the beginning I guess Jennifer thought it was a fling. Now she thinks it’s serious so that’s why it’s so public now.

Looks Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have found a space for their ever growing family…in France. E! Online is reporting the couple splurged a little and bought a thousand acre, $60 million estate in southern France. To give you an idea of what 60 mil gets ya, here’s what we think we know. Chateau Miraval as it’s known has 35 bedrooms, a vineyard, lake and forest. Not shrubs. A forest. Indoor AND outdoor pools, billards room, sauna, Jacuzzi, hidden tunnels, his AND her gyms. HIS AND HER GYMS?? I’m lucky to get an ab roller.

May 22, 2008

You can check out a very cool acoustic performance done by STAR Artist Daughtry. Just head to

STAR Artist Mariah Carey has a closet full of musical awards, but now she’ll have to build a new closet for fragrance awards. Mariah won the Gold Medal at the 8th Annual Basenotes Awards in the Best Fragrance by a Celebrity Woman category. No joke. She beat out perfume rivals like Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez and what was the favored perfume, Britney Spears’ Eau De Career in the Toilette.

STAR Artist Sheryl Crow was in Washington DC yesterday talking to the House of Representatives to get the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act of 2007 passed. And tomorrow she’ll be talking to our own representatives – Steve and Chelly on the STAR 98 Morning Show. They’ve got an exclusive interview with her Friday morning at 7:40.

The date has been set for music’s biggest night. The 2009 Grammy Awards will be handed out February 8th. Nominations get announced December 4th.

Almost 2 decades after his last crusade, Indiana Jones is back in theaters today in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Harrison Ford is back and this one is set in the 1950s as Indy and his new associate, Mutt played by Shia LaBeouf are on the hunt for the coveted Crystal Skull. And to make matters interesting, so are the Soviets. It’s rated PG-13. Get in line yesterday.

About a month ago I told you about Wesley Snipes getting sentenced to prison for tax evasion. Well the whole situation is getting tense now. He has until June 3rd to surrender for his 3 year sentence. I hope the judge knows Wesley isn’t too good with deadlines. If he was he’d have filed his taxes on time.

There’s been some rumors flying around that STAR Artist Mariah Carey will be throwing a second, much larger wedding to make up for the secret ceremony in the tropics. Mariah has now issued a statement that the rumors of a 4 million dollar wedding are…well…idiotic. “Four milly? On what? Cake?" She then laughed in the interviewer's face. However we have confirmed that one actress IS planning a second wedding to make up for her own secret ceremony. Actress Jessica Alba’s brother has confirmed that his sis and her new husband Cash will indeed throw a second wedding, much larger and grander than the secret one they had in a Beverly Hills courthouse.

A couple weeks ago I broke the news to you that Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansenn were engaged and now I’ve seen the jewelry store invoice. The 4-carat diamond ring that now rests on Scarlett’s finger costs $120,000!

And briefly, actor Adam Sandler and his wife are expecting their second child. She’s currently 3 months along.

Other "American Idol" Finale Highlights

The Top 6 Boys sing with STAR Artist Bryan Adams
Actor Mike Myers makes an appearance

Runner-up David Archuleta sings with STAR Artist OneRepublic

See more highlights below!

American Idol Winner Announced!

American Idol WINNER David Cook performs
"Sharp Dressed Man" with STAR Artist ZZ Top:

May 21, 2008

The latest installment of Now That’s What I Call Music will hit stores June 3rd and features some of the biggest STAR music over the past few months including Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love”, Colbie Caillat’s “Realize”, OneRepublic’s “Stop & Stare” plus STAR Artists John Mayer, Daughtry, Gavin DeGraw and Taylor Swift.

STAR Artist 3 Doors Down just landed a nice deal with ESPN – their music will be featured all throughout the month of June in things like baseball, NASCAR and college sports coverage.

Chris Daughtry has two new girls…sort of. While he was on tour with STAR Artist Bon Jovi, Chris’ wife adopted two new puppies: a toy poodle named Chloe and a Shih Tzu named Harlow. Chris wrote on the band’s website, “They are the sweetest and cutest puppies ever.” Great. Now all Chris has to do is giggle like a schoolgirl and ALL his street cred will be wiped away.

STAR Artist U2 has been all over the place recording their next album: Morocco, Dublin…but now they’re moving to the luxurious regions of southern France. Apparently French chocolate and sunshine help make hit records. Bono says the band wants the new album in stores by September or October and they'll follow up the release with a big tour.

Yesterday I broke the news to you that Jessica Alba and her boy Cash secretly got married on Monday. I’ve got a few more details for you now. They got hitched in a Beverly Hills courthouse ceremony room less than an hour after gettin’ their marriage license. Jessica wore a blue dress and neither of them brought any guests. Jessica’s brother didn’t even find out about their marriage until US Weekly called and asked him for a comment. Now that they’re married, she’s changed her name to Jessica Warren and Cash to Lucky Son of a Gun.

Actor Dylan McDermott, formerly of ABC’s The Practice is filing for divorce from his wife of 12 years. Apparently he learned a thing or two from being on The Practice ‘cause he’s acting as his own attorney. Hey Dylan, here’s some advice. Just because you played one on TV doesn’t mean you can do it in real life. You don’t see George Clooney performing an open heart bypass surgery thanks to his time on ER.

Get ready for, not one, not two, but THREE sequels to Terminator. Christian Bale, most recently ‘Batman,’ has signed on to play John Connor. No word if Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back, but it’s doubtful, as long as he’s ‘governator’ of Kaleeforneeah.

May 20, 2008

The two Davids took to the stage tonight in the final performance show of this season’s American Idol. Online rumors are circulating that for tomorrow’s results show we could see a couple of past Idols, STAR Artists One Republic and Bryan Adams making appearances. At least one of those rumored names is accurate. In terms of how the two Davids feel about the competition, David Cook says he wouldn’t mind losing to “Archie”, as he calls him. Cook says, “I’ve got no problem taking silver to him.” Not that I think he will.

In sadder Idol news it doesn’t look like David Cook’s brother Adam will be at the finale tomorrow night as his continuing battle with brain cancer is keeping him at home. Adam’s wife Kendra tells us Adam is quote “day-to-day”. So instead of being in the audience they’ll be back home, hosting a huge viewing party with friends, family and the whole neighborhood in Terre Haute, Indiana.

STAR Artist Fergie seems to wanna live the Sex And the City lifestyle. She’s remade the new Sex & the City theme song into a new song on her re-released album and now she’s coming out with a new line of fashion items that will make Carrie Bradshaw happy: shoes! Fergie will out a line of signature shoes that’ll debut next spring. She tells us, "I'm definitely a shoe lover. The right pair of shoes can change the feel of an outfit, and even change how a woman feels about herself."

STAR Artist 3 Doors Down’s new CD hit stores today, and thanks to the new smash single “It’s Not My Time” the album is the most downloaded new album on iTunes. "I'll tell you what. It's written from a really good place in all of our lives, an I really think it's a really definitive record for us. It's a really good cross-slice of what we do." The boys of 3 Doors Down will kick off a summer tour, hittin’ up the Marcus Amphiteather in Milwaukee on July 12th. Tickets are on-sale now.

The New Kids on the Block have finally released the details about their highly anticipated reunion tour. You’ll be able to catch ‘em in Milwaukee at the Bradley Center October 22nd.

Now that STAR Artist John Mayer’s list of conquests includes Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Anniston, you've got to ask yourself, "What is it about this guy that makes him such a chick magnet?" Well, John says it's pretty simple. He told People magazine, "I don't have a secret. I don't think about it like that. I think about it as just being nice. All you have to do is just be polite and treat people really well." But John's buddy STAR Artist Alicia Keys thinks John's appeal runs a bit deeper than that. She tells People, "What's sexy about John is his intelligence. He's very smart...he's creative, he plays the guitar; there's a certain natural sensuality that comes from that."

STAR Artist Mariah Carey’s fans are a devoted bunch. Actually, one man’s passion for her music got him arrested. Well sort of. He was blasting her new album in his car and pulled up to an intersection where a guy in another car called him a naughty word for listening to Mariah. They started yelling, pulled up to another stop light and the super fan threw a beer bottle into the other car. Yeah, he got arrested. Charged with criminal mischief and "shooting a missile into a vehicle."

All kinds of sources are reporting what I told you last night: that STAR Artist Ashlee Simpson told guests at her wedding she’s pregnant. She’s been dodging the questions about her pregnancy for months now but now this weekend wedding has fanned the flames of the Rumor Mill.

Angelina Jolie isn’t going through her pregnancy alone. In a recent interview she gave overseas she told a reporter two of her kids, Pax and Zahara keep telling her they have animals in their bellies. Pax apparently has monkeys in his, while Zahara is packin’ away little piggies. Yep, the kids are pretending to be pregnant and Brad Pitt is pretending to be excited.

Judging from Donald Trump's recent comments, it's a safe bet his company doesn't have an on-site daycare program for employee's babies. On his blog he wrote, "It's not the most professional environment where there's a baby crying or dirty diapers in the office." First off, the Donald has a blog?? Secondly, Trump will change his mind about diapers in the office when he starts wearing ‘em in about 10 years.

Talk about under the radar. Before we and the celeb-watching world even had the chance to speculate on wedding themes, mother-to-be Jessica Alba has gone and very quietly tied the knot with Cash Warren. According to her rep it happened Monday. Other than that we know nothing.

We all thought Jurassic Park 3 was bad enough, but Laura Dern, who played Dr. Ellie Sattler in the dinosaur franchise, told us she’s signed on for a 4th trip to the island. At this point, Sam Neill will not be returning.

May 19, 2008

I can’t believe it. I just…I can’t! The rumors were true: STAR Artist Ashlee Simpson DID marry Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz over the weekend. In a non-denominational ceremony performed by Ashlee’s dad, 150 people saw Ashlee and Pete tie the knot. Ashlee’s sister Jessica was maid-of-honor, Pete’s dog served as ring-bearer. Oh by the way, an initial report from People magazine said Ashlee confirmed her pregnancy but most believe that was thanks to a misinterpreted quote. The status of Ashlee’s womb remains TBA.

The American Idol finale is this week and that means the online odds-makers are crunching the numbers. According to one site David Cook has a 74% chance of beating winning while David Archuleta only has a 32% chance. That math doesn’t make any sense to me. Of course, America chooses the winner, not Vegas (I hope) so get ready to vote on Tuesday night.

Well it wasn’t much of a surprise that The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian took the number one spot this weekend at the box office. What was a little shocking was the amount it won by. The latest Narnia tale only beat reigning 2-week number one Iron Man by 20 million bucks. That’s really not much considering how long Iron Man has been out and the success the first Narnia flick had. Iron Man has pulled in more than $220 million in the U.S. alone.

The new Indiana Jones movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull made it’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday, but it didn’t blow anyone away. The Hollywood Reporter says the audience got, "a rollercoaster that didn't seem to want to stop for nearly two hours and they didn't get much story, or character or wit or plot." Other reviewers had similar mixed feelings but one thing is certain: everyone agrees the movie is critic-proof and will post blockbuster numbers this holiday weekend. Check out the latest trailer!

We all know George Lucas of Star Wars fame loves to ruin a good franchise. So it doesn’t surprise me that he’s all set to make a new Indiana Jones movie where the whip is passed from Harrison to Shia LaBeouf. He told reporters at Cannes, "I have an idea to make Shia the lead character next time and have Harrison come back like Sean Connery did in the last movie." Harrison says he hasn’t heard anything. Well of course he hasn’t, he’s 65. And he forgot his hearing aid.

If you’re planning a trip to Universal Studios, you’ll have a chance to ride with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. The new Simpsons ride opened today centered around Bart’s nemesis Sideshow Bob. The ride features 29 characters from the show all voiced by the original actors.

We’ve been talkin’ about the romance blossoming between John Mayer and Jennifer Anniston for a weeks now and a Hollywood gossip magazing is just now getting around to giving the couple a nickname. Polled readers of US Weekly magazine have picked Johnifer. Second place? Janiston. Though I like the 4th place pick: Anister, though that sounds like a 17th century blacksmith.

Last week I told you about the messy breakup between Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson. Lots of crying and screaming was involved but according to People magazine Kate has moved on to seven-time Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong. The kicker? This has reportedly been going on for a few weeks. Kate wants a Tour de Lance’s pants.

Actress Hillary Swank has won two Academy Awards but all the gold statues in the world couldn’t save Hillary from an awkward exchange at a Hollywood restaurant. According to the New York Daily News, Hillary was standing by the hostess texting on her phone and a dude came up and asked if she worked there. She politely said no to which the guy replied “You definitely look like you do.” Hillary was actually relieved after she left the cafĂ©. After being in Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby, Hilary's just grateful she wasn't mistaken for being a man.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have stated in the past they wouldn't get married until gay couples were legally allowed to tie the knot. Well, I don't know if Brad and Angelina have been reading any L.A. papers while in France, but California's Supreme court just legalized gay marriage in that state. Ball's in your court, Brangelina. Game on.

They’ve been dating since January, so it’s about time that engagement rumors for Jessica Biel and STAR Artist Justin Timberlake start popping up. We’ve also heard that Jessica has not been drinking recently, sparking pregnancy predictions. In Hollywood the moment you stop drinking, you’re pregnant. God forbid you don’t want to turn out like Britney or Lindsay.

May 16, 2008

Iron Man’s two-week reign at the top of the box office will probably end this weekend as The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian hits the big screen tonight. In this latest adventure, the kids come back to Narnia to find 1,300 years have passed and have to help Prince Caspian dethrone his evil dad. Check out the full trailer!
The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Theatrical Trailer 2

Yesterday I told you actor Dustin Hoffman let it slip that Angelina Jolie’s due date is August 19th. But now according to, Angie told a French TV station she’ll give birth in 2 weeks!

From an engagement rumor to splitsville. According to close friends, Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson are no longer seeing each other and the relationship didn’t end so well. Lots of screaming, crying and a little more screaming was involved after Kate accused Owen of flirting with girls on the set of his new movie. Now they’re not even speaking.

Who knew talking to Harrison Ford about autographs could lead to TMI, too much information. We asked him if getting’ his signature was easy to do. He says, quote, "I'm as gentle as a lamb. I even give autographs while having lunch. The only time you shouldn't ask for an autograph is when I'm standing in front of a urinal. Or while I'm having sex." Or while he’s brandishing his Indiana Jones whip.

Ellen DeGeneres and her girlfriend Portia De Rossi are making it official. Just hours after a California law banning gay marriage was abolished, Ellen announced at the taping of her show her and Portia will swap vows. Watch the video below to see how it all went down:

May 15, 2008

Last night we found out David Archuleta and David Cook will compete for the title of American Idol. Yep, Syesha Mercado is finally going home. She was very composed as she addressed the fans. I really think she’ll have one heckuva career. The two Davids will perform one final time for your votes Tuesday on Fox. The champ will be crowned in 6 days. Simon has voiced his opinion on who he feels should win, “If I'm gonna base it on who had done the best performances over the live shows, David Cook deserves to win." He also said David Archuleta has zero personality. Wonder where he got that from? With the amount of time David A. says "Gosh!" I think Napoleon Dynamite should sue him for personality infringement.

STAR Artist Gavin DeGraw’s new CD had a HUGE first week. It debuted at #7 on the Billboard charts. Compare that to his last CD, Chariot – that only made it to #107! Obviously the album’s success has been spurred by the big hits “In Love With a Girl”, a song inspired by "somebody who knew you well enough to put up with the parts about you that aren't lovable."

STAR Artist Sheryl Crow has recorded a batch of new PSAs aimed at teen drivers. In them she recalls all the fun she had as a teen but warns, “Don't let your fun be cut short. Safety belts save lives. Make them a habit." Check out one of the PSAs:

In case you’re a die-hard fan, the final Montel Williams talk show airs tomorrow. Montel tells us he’s proud of what he’s done over the past 17 years, "I'm the first show in the history of television that had something called an after-care program. The only show on television that has a full-time psychiatrist employed to do nothing but work with guests..." Montel will keep working on various projects saying that his public battle with MS makes him feel as if he needs to, “take advantage of time more than I ever have."

Jerry Springer is finding it harder and harder to defend the content of his talk show. Parade magazine recently asked him if he’s proud of what he does and he replied, “I want to apologize for it. Sometimes I think I should have a show just called, I'm Sorry." Okay, Jerry’s sorry. Now all we have to do is get those three thousand jilted lovers and cross-dressing circus midgets to say they're sorry as well.

Actress Reese Witherspoon is the cover story in the most recent OK! magazine which is reporting her and Jake Gyllenhaal are ready to get married and according to friends should, “be engaged any day now.”

Actress Jodie Foster isn’t out of the closet but the gossip magazines might force her out. According to The National Enquirer, she and her long-time, supposed girlfriend have gone their separate ways. What drove them apart? No one knows. Back in December Jodie may have slipped up at an awards show when she thanked, “my beautiful Cydney, who sticks by me through all the rotten and the bliss."

Yesterday the big news was Angelina Jolie finally confirming she’s having twins. She actually had Jack Black to thank for that. He blurted it out while she was being interviewed. And now it looks like Dustin Hoffman has revealed her due date. Evidently Dustin told it to the same interviewer that got the confirmation on the twins. Angelina’s two new babies will say "hey" to the world on August 19th.

STAR Artist John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston left steamy South Beach, but their supposed relationship shows no signs of cooling. Last night, the two of ‘em had dinner and drinks in the Big Apple. And they certainly didn't hide their affection, reportedly kissing, hugging and posing for pics. A happy Jen, who's usually press shy, even told the paparazzi on her way out that the date was "great, thank you."

I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago I mentioned Matthew McConaughey doesn’t use deodorant…of any kind. Upon hearing this, Axe sent him a year’s supply of body spray. Not that he’ll ever use it…

I'm really sorry to be the one to tell you this, ladies, but Mario Lopez was asked to pose nude for Playgirl and turned them down. He says, "I politely declined. It's not something for me at the moment. But it's ironic, because I'm, like, nature boy. I'm always running around the house in underwear or nothing." Yeah, it’s irony, or Playgirl has really good private eyes.

American Idol Results - May 14, 2008

5 weeks of being in the bottom finally caught up to Syesha Mercado on American Idol tonight. I'm not going to lie though, I really wanted to see David Archuleta go home. No one who looks 8 years old should be in the finals for this show. I have this prediction that the showbiz industry will eat him alive. So bye-bye to Syesha - I wish she were going to be around next week.

May 14, 2008

The big story today? Angelina Jolie finally confirmed she’s having a baby! Wait no, she’s having two! Yep. And Angelina can thank Jack Black, who costars with her in the new animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Angelina was giving an interview, Jack was next to her and he said, “You’re going to have as many as the Brady Bunch when you have these.” The interviewer asked, “So is that confirmed? Is it two?” and Angelina confirmed, ending months and months of speculation. The twins will be Brangelina’s fifth and sixth kids. No word yet on names for the babies but something tells me Jack will not be an option.

Last night on Fox’s American Idol, the final 3 had to perform songs chosen for them and one chose on their own. Simon declared David Cook the winner of the night when he belted out STAR Artist Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” from the Armageddon soundtrack. As you know, what the judges say really doesn’t matter much, it’s up to the viewing audience. I'll post the results from the voting later tonight! For now, enjoy David Cook's full final performance from last night:

Speaking of Idol, the executive producer of the show decided to chime in on the whole “David Archuleta’s dad being banned” thing. He tells us, “We just want David to be able to be free like everybody else to get on and do what they want to do." We finally cornered David to see how he feels about all this: “I don't really care what people say about [my dad], but I know it's affected him and stressed him out. It’s kind of a bummer.”

Yesterday I told you about actress Drew Barrymore’s scary hit-and-run she was involved with on Monday. And you honestly got to wonder if the person who was in the other car performing the “hit-and-run” was Britney Spears. I mean really! Tuesday Britney was involved in another fender-bender. Luckily no one was injured and the police weren’t involved, and the best part? The paparazzi got it on tape.
Click here to see the accident happen.

STAR Artist Taylor Swift has signed on to be the new spokesperson of L.E.I. jeans which’ll be sold exclusively through Wal-Mart. I think this is all part of Taylor’s devious plan to takeover an entire department store. She's got jeans in one aisle, a doll in the toys section and a triple-platinum CD in the music section!

ABC announced only two new shows for their fall line-up. One’s called Life on Mars, about a cop transported back to 1973. That’ll air right after Grey’s Anatomy. The other is a game show from Ashton Kutcher called Opportunity Knocks where family members vie for prizes by answering questions about one another. Some noticeable cancellations for the fall include Men in Trees and October Road. Oprah’s Big Give will not return because execs say she wasn’t interested in continuing the show. Speaking of upcoming shows, the highly hyped 90210 spin-off will debut in the fall, Tuesdays on the CW.

Last night I told you about Drew Barrymore being on the victim-side of a hit-and-run. One thing I mentioned, which is just awesome, is that she followed the car that hit her and took down the license plate number. In reality, what happened was a little more dramatic. Drew followed the car and actually cornered the car by a restaurant then got out of her car and asked for the driver’s information. The driver refused and they started arguing, and I mean they really started to argue. Eventually Drew took down the license plate number and handed it over to police. A detective lieutenant says what Drew did is definitely dangerous and not encouraged. But that’s how this Charlie’s Angel lives: at Full Throttle. Pun-tastic!

Maxim magazine has put out its Hot 100 list and for once, a girl named Jessica isn’t in the number one...or two spot! Supermodel Marissa Miller tops the list followed by Scarlett Johansson at number 2. Jessica Biel took number 3 followed at number 4 by Eva Longoria Parker. I’ve actually never heard of this Marissa Miller before but Maxim editor James Kaminsky says she couldn't look bad if her life depended on it.

Co-star of the new Indiana Jones movie Shia LeBeouf says he has never worked so hard for anything in his life when it came to training for his role in the new flick. Shia did 4 months of sword fighting and bike training and a quote “insane” amount of time on switchblades. If 21 year-old Shia is exhausted after all this, imagine how old-man Harrison feels!

In the new issue of Allure magazine, Jessica Alba talks a lot about her pregnancy and a bit about her movie roles. Want to know how she picks the movies she does? Money. “To me, box office is the most important thing. If the movie makes money, then I'm fine." So much for artistic integrity. Of course that does explain the Fantastic Four movies. But in her defense, it’s not like she’s a greedy person. She grew up having very, very little: “Struggling is not fun. Been there, done that." By the way her fiancĂ©’s first name is Cash.

Ever wonder how an artist spends his time when he leaves the stage during a concert before returning for an encore? If you're STAR Artist John Mayer, you kiss your new hot, supposed-girlfriend Jennifer Anniston. According to People magazine, Jennifer was at his concert last night in Orlando, where she was taking pictures of him from backstage and then he reportedly gave her a kiss before playing an encore. How cute.

STAR Artist Mariah Carey has stated she is eternally 12 years old. So it’s not surprising her and her new husband celebrated their union at Six Flags in California. Us Weekly reports that the pair invited family and friends to share in their "love story" at the park, which was decorated in pink and purple balloons.

May 13, 2008

STAR Artist Taylor Swift celebrated her triple-platinum success with a custom prom-themed party last night in Nashville. All her friends were there in prom dresses, Taylor looked stunning in a light blue gown. Before heading into the party she also took some time to defend her friend Miley Cyrus: "She does so much that people don't understand how much talent and how much hard work and drive it takes to pull stuff like that off at 15 years of age."

Just about a year after their first Greatest Hits album, STAR Artist The Goo Goo Dolls will return with Greatest Hits, Volume 2. It’s actually a double-disc set including both a CD and DVD. This set will feature more on popular album tracks, alternate mixes and cover versions of live material – a very eclectic mix. Look for that in stores August 5th.

Last week I told you about the possibility of Ugly Betty moving production to New York City, where the show is actually set. This was actually very strongly opposed by the 300-plus crew that works on the show but today it looks like ABC ignored those complaints as it was confirmed the show is indeed moving from LA to the Big Apple. The weird part is it will create 200 jobs in New York City compared to the 300 jobs it’s destroying back in Hollywood. No wonder they want to move the show.

The guy behind Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, has just become the highest paid TV writer and producer. He just struck a deal with Fox giving him $100 million through 2012. What do you do with that much cash? Seth tells us, "I don't know what to do with that much money...I'll open a bank account, y'know?" Yeah or he could mail me another economic stimulus check for a ‘lil more than $600 if ya know what I mean!

Britney Spears’ appearance last night on How I Met Your Mother didn’t garner the kind of viewing audience her first go-around on the show did, but the numbers were nothing to sneeze at. Last night’s episode pulled in 9 million viewers compared to her first time on when 11 million people tuned in.

STAR Artist Ashlee Simpson is all set to get married but no one thought it would happen this soon, like…Saturday soon! We’ve been told the ceremony is super-secret and guests will be transported via unmarked shuttles to the venue.

Ellen DeGeneres turned 50 back in January but she only just now got around to havin’ a party this past weekend. She had a big party on the studio lot where she tapes her show. Lots of celebs showed, including newlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Paris Hilton and her boy-toy, Tom Hanks, David and Courtney Cox-Arquette plus STAR Artist Pink showed up to perform. And this wasn’t just a celebrity-heavy love-fest, they actually had fun! Ellen brought in a Ferris wheel, dunk tank and stilt walkers plus free food for everyone. You’ll be able to see clips from the bash on Friday’s Ellen.

It’s official! Scrubs will move from NBC to ABC next fall for its eighth, and probably final, season.

STAR Artist Madonna certainly doesn’t hold back. She was headlining a big concert in England this past weekend and she dropped the f-bomb, not once but twice. What’s the big deal? Nothing, except that it was being aired LIVE across the country. Whoops!

Actress Drew Barrymore had a scary Monday, she was on the victim side of a hit-and-run crash in West Hollywood. According to police she was unhurt and had enough sense to follow the car that hit her and get the license plate number.

May 12, 2008

Britney Spears was back on How I Met Your Mother tonight. The show’s co-producer says this time around Britney did better than her previous performance and is definitely open to her coming back next year.

The father of American Idol contestant David Archuleta is apparently living up to his stage dad reputation. and the Associated Press are both reporting Heff Archuleta has been banned from Idol rehearsals, effective immediately. This came after David’s dad directly disobeyed show producers last week and had David make a change to the lyrics he was singing. David’s voice coach tried to clarify the situation saying, “He is just not allowed to go into the arranging sessions with David. It is more of a fairness issue than anything else, since the other two contestants don't have people on site to help with their arrangements. It is not a punishment."

STAR Artist Leona Lewis’ hit has now shattered another record. “Bleeding Love” has now been number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for four weeks now, no other British female solo artist has ever done that with a debut single.

On Friday I told you about the new movies that came out. And I also said you could see Iron Man if none of the new flicks impressed you that much. And so that’s what you did. The critically acclaimed and audience-beloved Iron Man maintained its number one spot this weekend earning another $50 million. Speed Racer debuted at a pathetic number 2, What Happens in Vegas’ entrance to the box office chart was right behind that at number 3. Iron Man’s box office strength will definitely be tested this coming weekend when The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian hits theaters.

A week or so ago I told you NBC would be making former SNL star Jimmy Fallon the official replacement of Conan O’Brien once Conan replaces Jay Leno. Today, it was made official. Fallon told us “It's a comedian's dream to get this job, to work with writers and try to be funny every night”. According to a Late Night producer, you’ll probably start seeing Jimmy in the host role next year.

John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston told us yesterday that Miley Cyrus and her husband could be teaming up to sing together. They're both providing voices for the new animated movie Bolt. Kelly also told us she hasn’t seen Miley’s controversial photos from Vanity Fair but says she and John both know that Miley’s “a really good girl with a great head on her shoulders.”

According to E! Online Britney Spears has promised her sister Jamie Lynn she’ll come back home to Louisiana when Jamie Lynn gives birth. Probably to offer parenting skills. The Louisiana Department of Child Services better have a SWAT team of social workers standing by.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and the entire family spent Mother’s Day checking out the soon-to-be new additions to the Jolie-Pitt family. According to a source close to the couple, "Angie was due for a scan and they thought it would be cool to do it on Mother's Day and take Maddox and Pax along to see the twins for themselves on the sonogram machine.”

Despite reports to the contrary, Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are not engaged. Kate was spotted with a big honkin’ rock on her left ring finger. Her rep had a perfect explanation for the ring. It’s part of her new role she has in a movie called Bride Wars.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo gave possibly the worst performance ever of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Sunday’s Cubs game:

Delayed - May 9, 2008

The highly anticipated Speed Racer movie hits theaters today. It stars Emile Hirsch who burst onto the scene with his role in Into The Wild. Also hittin’ the big screen today: What Happens In Vegas starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz playing a couple who drunkenly get married in Vegas. Now we all know how well that can work out, just look at Britney Spears. In the movie Ashton and Cameron are forced to co-exist when one wins a jackpot with the other’s quarter. Hilarity ensues. Or you can just see Iron Man again (in fact, many of you did!)

There’s been a pretty solid rumor flying around that ABC’s Ugly Betty will be moving production to New York City where the show is actually set, to take advantage of new tax credits. And taking a cue from the title character, this idea has turned ugly real quick. The 300 plus crew that works on the show in LA is inherently out of a job and so they took out a full page ad in today’s Variety asking California state lawmakers and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to quote “enact meaningful incentives to keep film and television production in our state.”

Even celebrities are suckers for reality TV. According to his girlfriend Sarah, George Clooney and her get completely suckered in to shows like Rock of Love on VH1. Sarah actually has experience in reality TV shows, she was a model in Fear Factor. Of George, Sarah says quote “He still wants to date me, and I ate a scorpion."

May 8, 2008

STAR Artist Mariah Carey has finally confirmed that she and Nick Cannon are married! In the latest edition of People magazine you can see exclusive wedding photos including shots of the happy couple’s tattoos. Nick got Mariah in big letters across his back and Mariah got Mrs. Cannon on her lower back. How did Nick propose? He hid a ring in a Ring Pop candy wrapper and, pardon the pun, popped the question on the roof of her apartment. Now that their married how about kids? Mariah says quote “Absolutely.” That issue of People hits newsstands tomorrow.

STAR Artist Daughtry truly has come to know success. Their latest single “Feels Like Tonight” just hit number one on the Adult Top 40 Billboard chart, the third time they’ve landed a number one on that particular chart. What’s so special about that? Well it’s the first time any artist has had 3 number one singles off their debut CD on that chart. The other songs to hit number one? “It’s Not Over” and “Home”.

The beloved NBC comedy Scrubs will air its seventh season finale tonight. In it, Dr. Cox tells his son a bedtime story in what will be an homage to The Princess Bride. Scrubs star Zach Braff says, "It's by far the most ambitious thing we've ever tried, but it's our last season, we wanted to do something big and ambitious for the fans, 'cause I think it's something that the hardcore fans are really gonna like." This was initially thought to be Scrubs' last season ever but sort of recently it’s come to light that Scrubs will move to ABC next season.

STAR Artist John Mayer is definitely a serial dater. He’s been spotted with hotties like Cameron Diaz and recently Jennifer Anniston. But more interestingly, does he keep a log of his “romantic conquests”? A source who has worked with John told us he’s got a diary-like record of every woman he’s bedded, pictures of them, notes they’ve written him, e-mail and magazine articles written about him. I don’t think that’s all that bad if it’s true but can you imagine what that would go for on eBay?!

US Weekly is reporting that former ABC Bachelor Andy Baldwin and Donald Trump’s ex Marla Maples have called it quits as a couple. So their relationship is over and so is their fifteen minutes. See ya!

Forget saving the cheerleader. Come this summer, kids and creepy aging fanboys can do whatever they want with the cheerleader. A line of collectible figures based on characters from Heroes will hit stores. The figures themselves, $18 to $20. Living out adolescent fantasies in the privacy of your own home, priceless.

As we approach Mother’s Day, America was asked to pick their favorite celebrity mom. Of the 13,000 polled, 25% picked the winner – Kelly Ripa. Angleina Jolie took second place while Julia Roberts and Jada Pinkett Smith tied for third. Remember to vote for your favorite mother-daughter look-alike at!

Random Stuff
A friend tells us Katherine Heigl wants out of her Grey's Anatomy contract so she can focus on making more hit movies like Knocked Up and 27 Dresses.

Hannah Montana aired its first new episode in two months last Sunday, and the ratings were down 24%! Ya think it has something to do with the Vanity Fair topless photo controversy?

Larry King may have signed a deal with CNN good until 2011, but we’ve heard that American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is involved in serious negotiations to take over when he leaves.

American Idol Results - May 7, 2008

Even though Syesha found herself in the bottom two for the FIFTH week in a row, America said goodbye to Jason Castro tonight on American Idol. He seemed almost as ready to leave as I was ready to say goodbye to him. Next week the Top 3 perform 3 songs: Contestants' Choice, Judges' Choice, Producers' Choice.

May 7, 2008

Last night on Fox’s American Idol, the Final Four were tasked with performing songs from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Top 500 Songs of All Time. And after watching the show when I got home last night, one performance blew me away, David Archuleta’s take on Elvis’ Love Me Tender.

I'll have the results from tonight's results show later tonight.

STAR Artist John Mayer’s summer tour with Colbie Caillat kicks off July 2nd at Summerfest but this tour is different this time around because he doesn’t really have a new album to promote. So John says, "I'm gonna play the songs that have been on the radio. I'm gonna play a blues set in the middle, my favorite blues tunes. I'm also gonna do cover songs...that have always moved me and try to introduce music to a lotta other people that might not have normally found it. And then the encore is gonna be chosen by (the fans)." has a 39 second clip of a new unfinished John Mayer song. Hear it here!

STAR Artist Madonna is turning 50 this year but so are two other 80s legends: STAR Artists Prince and Michael Jackson! Madonna was recently asked if there’s a possibility of a big joint party to which she said quote “If there is, I’m not throwing it! I’m tired of throwing parties!” If you’re wondering when to send birthday cards, Prince turns 50 on June 7th, Madonna August 16th and Michael Jackson August 29th.

STAR Artist The Barenaked Ladies is looking to reach a much younger demographic: toddlers. After 20 years in the music biz they’re releasing a 24-song children’s album called Snack Time! featuring classic songs like “7, 8, 9” and “Crazy ABCs” and with song titles like that how can you not want to buy it! So why kids? BNL singer Steven Page says, "Well, unlike most rock bands, we actually were once children." Uh...ok!

STAR Artist Bon Jovi’s show in New York City’s Central Park may not be official yet but it apparently has a date. is reporting the show’s going to happen July 12th. Supposedly the show will be sponsored by Major League Baseball and be free, yes fee, for fans. Again, none of this is confirmed yet but we’ll let ya know.

Comedy super-producer Judd Apatow must be feelin’ real proud on account of the MTV Movie Award nominations. Superbad earned 5 nominations including best movie. The other flicks up for that award are Juno, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, I Am Legend and National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Get a full list of nominations here!

Well this isn’t good. Talks between Hollywood producers and the Screen Actors Guild broke off on a tense note yesterday. The actors pretty much want the same thing striking writers wanted a few months ago. Remember, that writers strike went on a 100-day strike and ultimately got what they wanted. The strike though cost the local economy billions of dollars. Can Hollywood suits really afford that again?

Random Stuff:
George Clooney turned 47 yesterday but evidently the party started the night before at a party hosted by Giorgio Armani. According to E! Online, among the hundred or so invite-only guests in attendance were Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes, David and Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins (I don’t want to know why). Clive Owen was also there but no one seems to know if George's pal Julia Roberts showed.

According to the New York Post, Lindsay Lohan will star in a movie called Labor Pains about a woman who fakes being pregnant so she won’t get fired from her job. That’s like standard operating procedure for Lindsay in real life. Only usually she’s faking things to get out of doing work.

The semi-reality show that most everyone feels guilty watching, The Hills, will be back for a fourth season in August.

May 6, 2008

As unlikely as it may seem and as much as it makes my stomach churn with feelings of sadness and confusion, a group in Long Island is giving Lindsay Lohan’s mom a parenting award. A spokesperson for the group says quote “It’s something for Mother’s Day. It’s a list of mother’s from Long Island who have raised superstar children.” So it has more to do with their children’s accomplishments than her skill as a mother. I hope she gets a bumper sticker that says:

The View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck wants you to know it’s ok if you like big butts - especially your own. She tells Fitness magazine quote “I finally told myself, 'I'm not doing this anymore -- I have nothing to hide.' I've got some curves, I've got a bubble butt, but I don't mind, because it's what powers me forward when I run.” Thankfully former co-host Rosie O’Donnell wasn’t able to put her two cents in on the matter.

Vibe magazine has an hour-by-hour blow of how STAR Artist Mariah Carey’s island birthday bash went down. On the subject of Mariah’s rumored, sorta-confirmed marriage to actor Nick Cannon, Vibe magazine editor-in-chief says "I can't speak on whether they're married or not married, but Nick Cannon was there and he was looking good. It's hard to tell. But, I'll say one thing: If I'm Nick Cannon, I would be in love with Mariah Carey."

STAR Artist The Police had a very cryptic message on their website earlier today promising a special announcement and I’m pleased to let you know what it is. The Police will play their final concert ever as a group in New York City to benefit Million Trees NYC which plans to plant one million trees in the city by 2017. Date and venue for the show have yet to be confirmed but sources tell me it'll probably happen in August.

STAR Artist Gavin DeGraw’s new self-titled CD hits stores today. It’s his long-awaited, and I do mean long-awaited second album. His debut album hit stores all the way back in 2003. Gavin says you’ll hear a little more rock in this one. “I didn't set out to necessarily make a rock record, y'know, this isn't Sabbath but I did make an album that had a little bit more grit. And the singing's a little bit more aggressive. It's kinda hard singing but I think there's still some soulful stuff in there without being, like, faux soul singer."

We were down to the Final Four on American Idol, tonight it was all about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Top 500 Songs of All-Time. Quite a library to choose from. But recently there’s been a rumor going around that Randy, Paula and Simon are trying to steer votes toward a specific Final Two showdown: David Cook & David Archuleta. So are the rumors true? Who better to ask than a bitter, recently-ousted contestant. Brooke White says absolutely not, quote “That's one of the things people love about this show is they like to analyze it and dig deep and see if it's fixes but I don't really think so."

STAR Artist Prince is adding “author” to his resume. 21 Nights, which is supposedly a photographic essay is set to be published this fall. I feel like you’ll have to be accompanied by an adult to buy this thing.

Actor Tom Cruise was honored on Oprah yesterday with a tribute to his film career. The video montage featured greetings from Rain Man co-star Dustin Hoffman, Jerry McGuire co-star Renee Zellweger and bunches of others. You may have also seen the 45 minute interview with Tom that Oprah did from his home in Colorado. Wow, in the past week Oprah’s seen Tom Cruise more than her Stedman. Not that that’s a bad thing…

This is a no-brainer: After an opening weekend of $200 million worldwide, an Iron Man sequel is planned for an April, 2010 release. And get out the duct tape and paper clips, a big budget MacGyver movie is in the works.

Random Stuff:
When The Terminator comes back to the big screen, he'll be more family-friendly. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, a remake of the Schwarzenegger classic, will snag a PG-13 rating, as opposed to the original's R. And so I ask, "What's the point?!"

The guy accused of stalking Uma Thurman is no longer "accused", he's convicted. He could get a year in jail and for sure needs psychological help. This should be a lesson to all children: at your school's Career Day, do not tell your teacher you aspire to be an unemployed pool cleaner that lives with your parents.

Britney Spears was back in court today and came out victorious scoring more time with her two kids.

No, my face is *not* normally this red.

...'nuff said.

May 5, 2008

Breaking news out of Hollywood, reps for both actress Scarlett Johansson and actor Ryan Reynolds have confirmed the two are engaged to be married. Appropriately enough, Reynolds’ latest movie is called…The Proposal. We’ll get ya more details like the all-important size of the diamond when that information becomes available.

Looks like the rumored secret marriage I broke to you on Thursday with STAR Artist Mariah Carey and actor Nick Cannon is…wait for it…true! For some reason the Rumor Gods have smiled on me. A tourist official in Bahama confirmed the wedding to Access Hollywood and a relative of Nick’s also claims the wedding to be for real. So congrats to Mariah!

American Idol contestant Jason Castro has made it to the Final Four but maybe, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, Paula Abdul was right about him. Recently she told him she didn’t feel like he was trying hard enough to stay in the competition and Jason recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly “I'm kind of ready to go home. It's a fact that I have a weaker voice than the rest." Jason is so lacking in confidence that his Idol vocal coach told him to repeat these words before every performance: "People love to hear me sing." STAR Artist Maroon 5 will perform live on Wednesday's results show.

This is kind of crappy but all dates for STAR Artist One Republic’s tour have been cancelled or postponed. Why? Lead singer Ryan needed immediate emergency surgery to repair his Achilles Tendon. I don’t even wanna KNOW what happened to it. Too many horror movies images come to mind. Any ways, Ryan apologized to his fans for the inconvenience and in the meantime he can console himself with the fact that Apologize is still huge, STAR Artist Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love which he wrote is number one for the third week in a row. Yeah he'll be all right.

What the heck is going on? Do all STAR Artists just hang out with each other and give each other diseases? First it was Jordin Sparks, then Alicia Keys and now Avril Lavigne is canceling shows thanks to acute laryngitis. Avril plans to reschedule all the shows she misses.

It’s the second best non-sequel opening for a movie ever. Iron Man, starring Robert Downy Jr. as the comic superhero opened this weekend with just over $100 million earned, which, in my opinion, makes it the first summer…ish blockbuster. Way down the money-earning list at number 2, Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey’s romantic comedy Made of Honor took in $15 million and last week’s number one, Baby Mama, rounded out the top 3. And here’s the thing about Iron Man. I heard it’s actually GOOD.

As I’ve mentioned before, my favorite show is The Office on NBC and over the weekend the Office family welcomed a new member. Star Angela Kinsey and her husband had their anticipated baby girl. 6 pound 14 ounced Isabel Ruby Lieberstein. Source:

You know you’ve got kind of a soiled image as a too-hard partier when your mug shot is used in an ad for the booze INDUSTRY. Yeah that’s what happened to Lindsay Lohan on Friday when her not-so-flattering photo was in a full page ad in USA Today attacking ignition interlock devices. Those are the things that measure your blood alcohol level before you start your car. The ad basically says it’s a good idea for hardcore drunk drivers like Ms. Lohan but would ruin a lot of fun events for normal people who have had just a drink or two. The ad was paid for by the American Beverage Institute, a group Lindsay has inadvertently done a lot of research for.

Britney Spears was back home in Kentucky this weekend for baby sis Jamie Lynn’s baby shower. I guess most of the family was there. Mom and dad made Jamie’s dream menu food-wise including fried chicken in chili. So mom and dad did all the cooking and Britney did all the drinkin’, I get it! And I guess Jamie Lynn’s baby’s daddy wasn’t there. I think he was at Office Depot laminating Jamie’s G-E-D diploma.

Well as you may or may not know, Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby together. And as I’m sure EVERYONE knows you can’t drink alcohol while pregnant. So to prove he loves his woman, that he’s going to be a devoted father, that he loves his unborn baby more than Miller or Budweiser, Matthew stopped drinking beer. I’m sure this was fairly easy but whatever you do, don’t ask McConaughey to give up being shirtless.


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