May 14, 2008

The big story today? Angelina Jolie finally confirmed she’s having a baby! Wait no, she’s having two! Yep. And Angelina can thank Jack Black, who costars with her in the new animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Angelina was giving an interview, Jack was next to her and he said, “You’re going to have as many as the Brady Bunch when you have these.” The interviewer asked, “So is that confirmed? Is it two?” and Angelina confirmed, ending months and months of speculation. The twins will be Brangelina’s fifth and sixth kids. No word yet on names for the babies but something tells me Jack will not be an option.

Last night on Fox’s American Idol, the final 3 had to perform songs chosen for them and one chose on their own. Simon declared David Cook the winner of the night when he belted out STAR Artist Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” from the Armageddon soundtrack. As you know, what the judges say really doesn’t matter much, it’s up to the viewing audience. I'll post the results from the voting later tonight! For now, enjoy David Cook's full final performance from last night:

Speaking of Idol, the executive producer of the show decided to chime in on the whole “David Archuleta’s dad being banned” thing. He tells us, “We just want David to be able to be free like everybody else to get on and do what they want to do." We finally cornered David to see how he feels about all this: “I don't really care what people say about [my dad], but I know it's affected him and stressed him out. It’s kind of a bummer.”

Yesterday I told you about actress Drew Barrymore’s scary hit-and-run she was involved with on Monday. And you honestly got to wonder if the person who was in the other car performing the “hit-and-run” was Britney Spears. I mean really! Tuesday Britney was involved in another fender-bender. Luckily no one was injured and the police weren’t involved, and the best part? The paparazzi got it on tape.
Click here to see the accident happen.

STAR Artist Taylor Swift has signed on to be the new spokesperson of L.E.I. jeans which’ll be sold exclusively through Wal-Mart. I think this is all part of Taylor’s devious plan to takeover an entire department store. She's got jeans in one aisle, a doll in the toys section and a triple-platinum CD in the music section!

ABC announced only two new shows for their fall line-up. One’s called Life on Mars, about a cop transported back to 1973. That’ll air right after Grey’s Anatomy. The other is a game show from Ashton Kutcher called Opportunity Knocks where family members vie for prizes by answering questions about one another. Some noticeable cancellations for the fall include Men in Trees and October Road. Oprah’s Big Give will not return because execs say she wasn’t interested in continuing the show. Speaking of upcoming shows, the highly hyped 90210 spin-off will debut in the fall, Tuesdays on the CW.

Last night I told you about Drew Barrymore being on the victim-side of a hit-and-run. One thing I mentioned, which is just awesome, is that she followed the car that hit her and took down the license plate number. In reality, what happened was a little more dramatic. Drew followed the car and actually cornered the car by a restaurant then got out of her car and asked for the driver’s information. The driver refused and they started arguing, and I mean they really started to argue. Eventually Drew took down the license plate number and handed it over to police. A detective lieutenant says what Drew did is definitely dangerous and not encouraged. But that’s how this Charlie’s Angel lives: at Full Throttle. Pun-tastic!

Maxim magazine has put out its Hot 100 list and for once, a girl named Jessica isn’t in the number one...or two spot! Supermodel Marissa Miller tops the list followed by Scarlett Johansson at number 2. Jessica Biel took number 3 followed at number 4 by Eva Longoria Parker. I’ve actually never heard of this Marissa Miller before but Maxim editor James Kaminsky says she couldn't look bad if her life depended on it.

Co-star of the new Indiana Jones movie Shia LeBeouf says he has never worked so hard for anything in his life when it came to training for his role in the new flick. Shia did 4 months of sword fighting and bike training and a quote “insane” amount of time on switchblades. If 21 year-old Shia is exhausted after all this, imagine how old-man Harrison feels!

In the new issue of Allure magazine, Jessica Alba talks a lot about her pregnancy and a bit about her movie roles. Want to know how she picks the movies she does? Money. “To me, box office is the most important thing. If the movie makes money, then I'm fine." So much for artistic integrity. Of course that does explain the Fantastic Four movies. But in her defense, it’s not like she’s a greedy person. She grew up having very, very little: “Struggling is not fun. Been there, done that." By the way her fiancé’s first name is Cash.

Ever wonder how an artist spends his time when he leaves the stage during a concert before returning for an encore? If you're STAR Artist John Mayer, you kiss your new hot, supposed-girlfriend Jennifer Anniston. According to People magazine, Jennifer was at his concert last night in Orlando, where she was taking pictures of him from backstage and then he reportedly gave her a kiss before playing an encore. How cute.

STAR Artist Mariah Carey has stated she is eternally 12 years old. So it’s not surprising her and her new husband celebrated their union at Six Flags in California. Us Weekly reports that the pair invited family and friends to share in their "love story" at the park, which was decorated in pink and purple balloons.

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