May 7, 2008

Last night on Fox’s American Idol, the Final Four were tasked with performing songs from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Top 500 Songs of All Time. And after watching the show when I got home last night, one performance blew me away, David Archuleta’s take on Elvis’ Love Me Tender.

I'll have the results from tonight's results show later tonight.

STAR Artist John Mayer’s summer tour with Colbie Caillat kicks off July 2nd at Summerfest but this tour is different this time around because he doesn’t really have a new album to promote. So John says, "I'm gonna play the songs that have been on the radio. I'm gonna play a blues set in the middle, my favorite blues tunes. I'm also gonna do cover songs...that have always moved me and try to introduce music to a lotta other people that might not have normally found it. And then the encore is gonna be chosen by (the fans)." has a 39 second clip of a new unfinished John Mayer song. Hear it here!

STAR Artist Madonna is turning 50 this year but so are two other 80s legends: STAR Artists Prince and Michael Jackson! Madonna was recently asked if there’s a possibility of a big joint party to which she said quote “If there is, I’m not throwing it! I’m tired of throwing parties!” If you’re wondering when to send birthday cards, Prince turns 50 on June 7th, Madonna August 16th and Michael Jackson August 29th.

STAR Artist The Barenaked Ladies is looking to reach a much younger demographic: toddlers. After 20 years in the music biz they’re releasing a 24-song children’s album called Snack Time! featuring classic songs like “7, 8, 9” and “Crazy ABCs” and with song titles like that how can you not want to buy it! So why kids? BNL singer Steven Page says, "Well, unlike most rock bands, we actually were once children." Uh...ok!

STAR Artist Bon Jovi’s show in New York City’s Central Park may not be official yet but it apparently has a date. is reporting the show’s going to happen July 12th. Supposedly the show will be sponsored by Major League Baseball and be free, yes fee, for fans. Again, none of this is confirmed yet but we’ll let ya know.

Comedy super-producer Judd Apatow must be feelin’ real proud on account of the MTV Movie Award nominations. Superbad earned 5 nominations including best movie. The other flicks up for that award are Juno, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, I Am Legend and National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Get a full list of nominations here!

Well this isn’t good. Talks between Hollywood producers and the Screen Actors Guild broke off on a tense note yesterday. The actors pretty much want the same thing striking writers wanted a few months ago. Remember, that writers strike went on a 100-day strike and ultimately got what they wanted. The strike though cost the local economy billions of dollars. Can Hollywood suits really afford that again?

Random Stuff:
George Clooney turned 47 yesterday but evidently the party started the night before at a party hosted by Giorgio Armani. According to E! Online, among the hundred or so invite-only guests in attendance were Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes, David and Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins (I don’t want to know why). Clive Owen was also there but no one seems to know if George's pal Julia Roberts showed.

According to the New York Post, Lindsay Lohan will star in a movie called Labor Pains about a woman who fakes being pregnant so she won’t get fired from her job. That’s like standard operating procedure for Lindsay in real life. Only usually she’s faking things to get out of doing work.

The semi-reality show that most everyone feels guilty watching, The Hills, will be back for a fourth season in August.

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