May 13, 2008

STAR Artist Taylor Swift celebrated her triple-platinum success with a custom prom-themed party last night in Nashville. All her friends were there in prom dresses, Taylor looked stunning in a light blue gown. Before heading into the party she also took some time to defend her friend Miley Cyrus: "She does so much that people don't understand how much talent and how much hard work and drive it takes to pull stuff like that off at 15 years of age."

Just about a year after their first Greatest Hits album, STAR Artist The Goo Goo Dolls will return with Greatest Hits, Volume 2. It’s actually a double-disc set including both a CD and DVD. This set will feature more on popular album tracks, alternate mixes and cover versions of live material – a very eclectic mix. Look for that in stores August 5th.

Last week I told you about the possibility of Ugly Betty moving production to New York City, where the show is actually set. This was actually very strongly opposed by the 300-plus crew that works on the show but today it looks like ABC ignored those complaints as it was confirmed the show is indeed moving from LA to the Big Apple. The weird part is it will create 200 jobs in New York City compared to the 300 jobs it’s destroying back in Hollywood. No wonder they want to move the show.

The guy behind Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, has just become the highest paid TV writer and producer. He just struck a deal with Fox giving him $100 million through 2012. What do you do with that much cash? Seth tells us, "I don't know what to do with that much money...I'll open a bank account, y'know?" Yeah or he could mail me another economic stimulus check for a ‘lil more than $600 if ya know what I mean!

Britney Spears’ appearance last night on How I Met Your Mother didn’t garner the kind of viewing audience her first go-around on the show did, but the numbers were nothing to sneeze at. Last night’s episode pulled in 9 million viewers compared to her first time on when 11 million people tuned in.

STAR Artist Ashlee Simpson is all set to get married but no one thought it would happen this soon, like…Saturday soon! We’ve been told the ceremony is super-secret and guests will be transported via unmarked shuttles to the venue.

Ellen DeGeneres turned 50 back in January but she only just now got around to havin’ a party this past weekend. She had a big party on the studio lot where she tapes her show. Lots of celebs showed, including newlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Paris Hilton and her boy-toy, Tom Hanks, David and Courtney Cox-Arquette plus STAR Artist Pink showed up to perform. And this wasn’t just a celebrity-heavy love-fest, they actually had fun! Ellen brought in a Ferris wheel, dunk tank and stilt walkers plus free food for everyone. You’ll be able to see clips from the bash on Friday’s Ellen.

It’s official! Scrubs will move from NBC to ABC next fall for its eighth, and probably final, season.

STAR Artist Madonna certainly doesn’t hold back. She was headlining a big concert in England this past weekend and she dropped the f-bomb, not once but twice. What’s the big deal? Nothing, except that it was being aired LIVE across the country. Whoops!

Actress Drew Barrymore had a scary Monday, she was on the victim side of a hit-and-run crash in West Hollywood. According to police she was unhurt and had enough sense to follow the car that hit her and get the license plate number.

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