May 6, 2008

As unlikely as it may seem and as much as it makes my stomach churn with feelings of sadness and confusion, a group in Long Island is giving Lindsay Lohan’s mom a parenting award. A spokesperson for the group says quote “It’s something for Mother’s Day. It’s a list of mother’s from Long Island who have raised superstar children.” So it has more to do with their children’s accomplishments than her skill as a mother. I hope she gets a bumper sticker that says:

The View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck wants you to know it’s ok if you like big butts - especially your own. She tells Fitness magazine quote “I finally told myself, 'I'm not doing this anymore -- I have nothing to hide.' I've got some curves, I've got a bubble butt, but I don't mind, because it's what powers me forward when I run.” Thankfully former co-host Rosie O’Donnell wasn’t able to put her two cents in on the matter.

Vibe magazine has an hour-by-hour blow of how STAR Artist Mariah Carey’s island birthday bash went down. On the subject of Mariah’s rumored, sorta-confirmed marriage to actor Nick Cannon, Vibe magazine editor-in-chief says "I can't speak on whether they're married or not married, but Nick Cannon was there and he was looking good. It's hard to tell. But, I'll say one thing: If I'm Nick Cannon, I would be in love with Mariah Carey."

STAR Artist The Police had a very cryptic message on their website earlier today promising a special announcement and I’m pleased to let you know what it is. The Police will play their final concert ever as a group in New York City to benefit Million Trees NYC which plans to plant one million trees in the city by 2017. Date and venue for the show have yet to be confirmed but sources tell me it'll probably happen in August.

STAR Artist Gavin DeGraw’s new self-titled CD hits stores today. It’s his long-awaited, and I do mean long-awaited second album. His debut album hit stores all the way back in 2003. Gavin says you’ll hear a little more rock in this one. “I didn't set out to necessarily make a rock record, y'know, this isn't Sabbath but I did make an album that had a little bit more grit. And the singing's a little bit more aggressive. It's kinda hard singing but I think there's still some soulful stuff in there without being, like, faux soul singer."

We were down to the Final Four on American Idol, tonight it was all about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Top 500 Songs of All-Time. Quite a library to choose from. But recently there’s been a rumor going around that Randy, Paula and Simon are trying to steer votes toward a specific Final Two showdown: David Cook & David Archuleta. So are the rumors true? Who better to ask than a bitter, recently-ousted contestant. Brooke White says absolutely not, quote “That's one of the things people love about this show is they like to analyze it and dig deep and see if it's fixes but I don't really think so."

STAR Artist Prince is adding “author” to his resume. 21 Nights, which is supposedly a photographic essay is set to be published this fall. I feel like you’ll have to be accompanied by an adult to buy this thing.

Actor Tom Cruise was honored on Oprah yesterday with a tribute to his film career. The video montage featured greetings from Rain Man co-star Dustin Hoffman, Jerry McGuire co-star Renee Zellweger and bunches of others. You may have also seen the 45 minute interview with Tom that Oprah did from his home in Colorado. Wow, in the past week Oprah’s seen Tom Cruise more than her Stedman. Not that that’s a bad thing…

This is a no-brainer: After an opening weekend of $200 million worldwide, an Iron Man sequel is planned for an April, 2010 release. And get out the duct tape and paper clips, a big budget MacGyver movie is in the works.

Random Stuff:
When The Terminator comes back to the big screen, he'll be more family-friendly. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, a remake of the Schwarzenegger classic, will snag a PG-13 rating, as opposed to the original's R. And so I ask, "What's the point?!"

The guy accused of stalking Uma Thurman is no longer "accused", he's convicted. He could get a year in jail and for sure needs psychological help. This should be a lesson to all children: at your school's Career Day, do not tell your teacher you aspire to be an unemployed pool cleaner that lives with your parents.

Britney Spears was back in court today and came out victorious scoring more time with her two kids.

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