August 13, 2008

Blender magazine recently asked Barack Obama and John McCain to list their top 10 favorite songs of all time.
Here's Obama's:
1. "Ready or Not," Fugees
2. "What's Going On," Marvin Gaye
3. "I'm On Fire," Bruce Springsteen
4. "Gimme Shelter," Rolling Stones
5. "Sinnerman," Nina Simone
6. "Touch the Sky," Kanye West
7. "You'd Be So Easy to Love," Frank Sinatra
8. "Think," Aretha Franklin
9. "City of Blinding Lights," U2
10. "Yes We Can,"

Here's McCain's:
1. "Dancing Queen," ABBA
2. "Blue Bayou," Roy Orbison
3. "Take a Chance On Me," ABBA
4. "If We Make It Through December," Merle Haggard
5. "As Time Goes By," Dooley Wilson
6. "Good Vibrations," The Beach Boys
7. "What A Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong
8. "I've Got You Under My Skin," Frank Sinatra
9. "Sweet Caroline," Neil Diamond
10. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," The Platters

STAR Artist David Cook is spending every free second on the American Idols Live tour recording his debut album. Now when I ask him about the CD he keeps saying, “It’s me.” Well what the heck does that mean? He says he wants to create a signature sound, much like Aerosmith and AC/DC have done. "There's a vibe associated with those bands, there's an energy that no one else has been able to replicate and that's my goal. I want to make a record that has my energy and my vibe." David Cook’s debut CD is due in stores in November.

Well we know who the athlete will be on this coming season’s Dancing With the Stars – Warren Sapp. But the network hasn’t confirmed the cast yet so how do I know? Because he told me. Dancing With the Stars starts September 22nd.

Speaking fo rumored Dancing With the Stars cast members...
Quick, to the Batm- er…dance floor! Apparently former Batman Adam West is a finalist to appear on Dancing With the Stars. A source tells me Adam is in great shape and works out every day. When I reached out to Adam’s rep I was told Adam’s “not definite yet, but is one of the people they are seriously looking at." You know, unless the show has everyone do the “Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up,” I don’t see how he can win.

STAR Artist Daughtry is getting political. Very political. SO political they want to vote Democrat and Republican. Okay not really but the band will appear at both party conventions to promote the ONE Campaign which raises awareness about global poverty, hunger and disease.

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