August 21, 2008

Today STAR Artists Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale welcomed their second child into the world. They named their son Zuma Nesta Rock ROssdale. Actor Matt Damon’s got a new baby girl. Matt’s wife gave birth to Gia Zavala Damon yesterday. And speaking of babies, I think Jennifer Garner finally copped to being pregnant. In an interview she said this, “We’re so excited, obviously” but we don’t know what she was talking about!

Rumor has it Jennifer Aniston got some much needed sympathy for her recent John Mayer break-up from a very close personal friend – ex-husband Brad Pitt! Evidently Jen called Brad’s mom, who she talks to all the time, but then Brad walked into the room and was handed the phone. As you can imagine he didn’t know what to say initially but then relaxed and listened very intently. But then I’m sure Brad needed comfort and advice on how to deal with Angelina after she found out Brad talked to Jen. Awkard!

Olympic swimming champ Michael Phelps can’t win. Well I mean he can in the pool but not in the world of PR. Michael is taking some serious heat from health experts because of his choice to appear on Kellogg's Frosted Flakes boxes instead of the traditional athlete's choice of Wheaties. Frosted Flakes has three times the amount of sugar as Wheaties and 1/3rd the fiber. Nutritionists are worried about the message he'll be sending to children across America.

STAR Artist Sheryl Crow is joining Daughtry in a campaign to get you registered to vote. She’s offering free digital copies of her latest album Detours to the first 50,000 people who register 3 friends to vote. Head to to learn more!

STAR Artist Janet Jackson is putting out her own line of lingerie called Pleasure Principle. The nice thing about the lingerie? It’s supposed to have wardrobe malfunctions...nightly.

Look for a Melorse Place reunion at next month’s Emmy Awards. It’s the awards show’s 60th anniversary so they’re putting together a whole bunch of these reunions. Producers might also be trying to pull off a Happy Days reunion. Who else would you want to see? I’m thinking Dynasty, Dallas, Knots Landing, and the original Beverly Hills 90210.

The Rocker already hit theaters yesterday but a few more flicks hit the big screen this weekend. Coming out tomorrow:
*Death Race about a prisoner in a deadly road race for his freedom.

*The House Bunny about a Playboy Playmate who starts a new life as a sorority house mom.

*The Longshots about the true story of a female quarterback who takes a high school team to the championship.

The owner of the car that plowed into actor Shia LaBeouf’s car last month has been cited for failure to stop at a red light but it’s still unclear if the guy was actually driving.

Rumor has it Oprah doesn’t want to be the cover girl of her own O magazine anymore. She’s reportedly given editors 6 months to figure out what to do.

STAR Artist Nickelback’s album "All the Right Reasons" is celebrating its 150th week on the charts. That’s just shy of 3 years! In fact, this week it moved up 11 places to #87!

STAR Artist Pink’s new CD has a name: "Funhouse". It hits stores October 28th.

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