December 10, 2008

I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday :( To make up for it, have a whole bunch of stuff!

Looks like Paula Abdul is now blaming the producers of American Idol for allowing Paula Goodspeed, that’s the woman who was found dead outside Paula’s home, to get close to her. Paula claims this woman had been stalking her for years and she begged producers not to allow her to tryout for season 5 of Idol but they refused. Paula says the producers thought the “entertainment value” of the situation outweighed Paula’s discomfort in the audition room. When asked why she continued to work for the show when her safety is threatened, Paula had a simple response, “I’m under contract.”

An American Idol fansite has claimed it’s gotten its hands on an internal Fox memo detailing what we can expect from the new season of American Idol. Here are some highlights from said memo:
* There will be only three weeks of auditions this year, down from four weeks the past few years.
* Instead of a top 24, there will be a top 36.
* The Wild Card Week, where the judges get to bring back someone who was previously cut, will return this season. You may recall that Clay Aiken was a wild card pick.
* Promotional spots for the auditions will focus on more "aspirational" singers, with fewer bad singers in the mix.
* There will be no Idol Gives Back this year.
American Idol season eight premieres January 13th.

Jay Leno is heading to primetime. NBC announced yesterday Jay will host a new show, The Jay Leno Show, when Conan O’Brien takes over The Tonight Show. The financial details of this new arrangement weren’t released but an insider tells me it could be worth at least $30 million a year. So what’s this new show all about? Well, it’ll have an opening monologue, comedy sketches similar to what he does now and interviews. Okay… So what’s DIFFERENT? Not much, except he’ll probably interview more news makers than celebs and it’ll be on your TV at a new time: 9 p.m. It starts in the fall of 2009.

It felt pretty obvious, but now it’s official: STAR Artist Leona Lewis is Billboard magazine’s Top New Artist of 2008. Yet another honor for Leona who picked up 3 Grammy nominations last week, and who’s song “Bleeding Love” was named the top single on iTunes the week before THAT. Oh, and her CD “Spirit” has sold 5 million copies.

STAR Artist Coldplay has issued a statement responding to allegations their Grammy-nominated smash hit “Viva La Vida” was a ripoff of a tune by guitarist Joe Satriani. "If there are any similarities between our two pieces of music, they are entirely coincidental and just as surprising to us as to him." If you haven’t heard what all the controversy is about, listen here:

Prepare to say goodbye to another cast member of Grey’s Anatomy. Reports out of Hollywood indicate T.R. Knight who plays Dr. George O’Malley has asked to be released from his contract and the show’s creator is granting his wish. So…like…what’s up with that?? According to one source T.R. just feels its time for him to go. Another source says T.R. isn’t happy with the direction of his character. But I bet the real reason is NBC is offering him his own primetime talk show too. *rim shot*

Here's eom more fuel for the "Mariah Carey is Pregnant" fire: Mariah was spotted coming out of a well-known OB-GYN office in LA and, according to a spy, was holding "what looked like a sonogram and was greeted by her entourage with cheers." Mariah has been honest with the press and said her and husband Nick Cannon do want kids, but according to her publicist, "As far as I'm told, she's not pregnant." Fair enough. But soon maybe, right?!

Is Washington, D.C. ready for a nasally New Yawwk actress in the Senate? A publicist for Fran Drescher says the former star of The Nanny is serious about succeeding Hillary Clinton as the next senator from New York. I’m all for this. A nanny in Congress to change the old people’s diapers.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are working on some more babies! Angelina is reportedly back on prenatal vitamins so she and Brad can have another set of twins – ‘cause if they do, they’ll have a baseball team.

Chris Daughtry can order himself a tux ‘cause it’s official: STAR Artist Daughtry will perform at Barack Obama’s inaugural ball on January 21st.

STAR Artist Elliot Yamin is aiming for March for the release of his 2nd CD.

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