December 12, 2008

New in theaters this weekend...
* The Day the Earth Stood Still -- Keanu Reeves fills the role of the alien Klaatu in this remake of the classic 1951 sci fi movie. He warns humans about their destructive behavior, then attempts to wipe them out for their own good with help from the giant robot Gort. Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates and Jon Hamm also star. Rated PG-13.

* Nothing Like the Holidays -- The members of the Rodriguez family get together in Chicago for a drama-filled Christmas. In the midst of the reunion, Debra Messing's Sarah, the wife of John Leguizamo's character, finds herself clashing with his mother. Rated PG-13.

* Delgo -- A reptile-like teen named Delgo befriends a winged princess. Sounds sweet, but they're members of rival races, who begin to feud. It's up to Delgo to broker peace between the groups. Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Ripa and Chris Kattan lend their voices to this animated feature. Rated PG.

An Iraq war veteran, Edward Van Tassel who has repeatedly tried to hand-deliver a letter to Tom Cruise has been issued a restraining order that prevents him from approaching Cruise or his home. Edward also stopped traffic in Santa Barbara for hours last month when he stood on a Highway 101 overpass waving a gun and an American flag in a one-man protest. He was arrested at the time on weapons charges and placed in a veterans' hospital. According to Van Tassel's former attorney, the soldier left the facility and appeared at Cruise's Beverly Hills home three times with a letter that asks him to join the cause of helping veterans.

The Sexiest Man Alive is evidently a good enough credential to land you gig of hosting the Oscars. Hugh Jackman will host the 82nd Academy Awards on February 22nd. This is a slight departure for the Academy who usually grab comics like Ellen DeGeneres or Jon Stewart for the job, but not this year.

Isaac Slade, lead singer of STAR Artist The Fray tells me their new single, "You Found Me," is about, "watching a lot of people go through a lot of hard stuff, and good people having bad stuff happen to them." The song is currnetly being used as the soundtrack for ABC's promos for the new season of Lost, but the band says sadly, they haven't gotten to meet the cast, nor are there plans for them to appear on the show. Their new CD is still a few months off. Look for it in stores February 3rd.

STAR Artist Taylor Swift celebrates her 19th birthday tomorrow, and boy, does she have a lot to celebrate. She's beautiful and super-talented, her album “Fearless” is one of the top-selling CDs of the year, and she's currently plotting her first headlining tour. But despite Taylor's crazy schedule, she tells us she definitely sets aside time to have a love life, because she needs those experiences to help her write songs. She says, "I think love is my favorite thing to write about...there are millions of angles to relationships. It feels like it's never gotten boring for me to write songs about love."

Fox launched his career, so it's no wonder that American Idol champ STAR Artist David Cook is returning to the network to ring in the New Year. David will perform from Las Vegas on Fox's New Year's Eve Live.

STAR Artist Hoobastank who sing the hit song “The Reason” will return on January 27th with their fourth full-length album, "Fornever".

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