December 8, 2008

Here's the Box-Office recap from the weekend:
1. Four Christmases, $18.2 million
2. Twilight, $13.2 million
3. Bolt, $9.7 million
4. Australia, $7 million
5. Quantum of Solace, $6.6 million
6. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, $5.1 million
7. Transporter 3, $4.5 million
8. Punisher: War Zone, $4 million
9. Cadillac Records, $3.5 million
10. Role Models, $2.6 million

Here are the Top 10 Stupidest Christmas Gifts of 2008:
1. Screaming Rubber Chicken
2. Wealth Redistribution 2008 Holiday Ornament
3. Mini Guitar Hero
4. Potty Putter
5. Wasabi Flavored Gumballs
6. Men's Underwear Repair Kit
7. Obama "Yes We Can" Opener
8. "How To Tie A Tie" Tie
9. 2009 Dog Poop Calendar
10. Pole Dancer Alarm Clock

In an annual survey by Autograph magazine, Tonight Show host Jay Leno is the most accommodating celebrity when it comes to offering his John Hancock. Jay supposedly never not signs and he even signs for audience members at the Tonight Show during commercial breaks. Others who are happy to sign include George Clooney and his Ocean’s co-star Matt Damon. On the other end of the spectrum, stingy signers include Will Ferrell (which is very disappointing to hear) and his Step Brothers co-star John C. Reilly, plus Hollywood veteran William Shatner. Gwyneth Paltrow was named the snootiest of all, “she’ll try to ignore everyone as she walks by, or she'll just point-blank tell you in her condescending tone, 'I do not sign autographs.'" Paris Hilton would have made the list but they gave her a free pass ‘cause she doesn’t know how to spell her name.

You know times are tough when you can’t afford the 12 Days of Christmas. According to PNC Wealth Management, all of the items in the Christmas carol "The 12 Days of Christmas" costs a total of $86,609, up from the $78,100 they cost last year. Here's a look at how that breaks down:
* Partridge - $20 (last year - $15)
* Pear Tree - $200 (last year - $150)
* Two Turtle Doves - $55 (last year - $40)
* Three French Hens - $30 (last year - $45)
* Four Calling Birds (canaries) - $600 (last year - same)
* Five Gold Rings - $350 (last year - $395)
* Six Geese A-Laying - $240 (last year - $360)
* Seven Swans A-Swimming - $5,600 (last year - $4,200)
* Eight Maids a-Milking - $52 (last year - $47)
* Nine Ladies Dancing (per performance) - $4,759 (last year - same)
* 10 Lords A-Leaping (per performance) - $4,414 (last year - $4,285)
* 11 Pipers Piping (per performance) - $2,285 (last year - $2,213)
* 12 Drummers Drumming (per performance) - $2,475 (last year - $2,398)

Despite rumors to the contrary, Oprah Winfrey said she never considered leaving her current TV empire for a position in Barack Obama’s presidential administration. Speaking of Oprah, The Hollywood Reporter has just named her the most powerful woman in entertainment. Not a bad title to have.

You’ll see STAR Artists Taylor Swift, Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield and others on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Last week I told you it would happen, yesterday it officially did. David Gregory was confirmed as the new host Meet the Press on NBC. He starts his new gig next week.

What convenient timing. A month after an obsessed fan apparently committed suicide outside her home, Paula Abdul is looking to move.

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