September 18, 2008

People magazine's Best Dressed list is out! Here's the Top 10:
* Fergie, Refined Rocker
* Anne Hathaway, Young And Glam
* Kate Hudson, Effortless Taste
* Heidi Klum, Model Chic
* Eva Mendes, Pretty And Polished
* Michelle Obama, Classic And Confident
* Gwyneth Paltrow, Better Than Ever
* Sarah Jessica Parker, Expert Eclectic
* Rihanna, Sugar And Spice
* Charlize Theron, Bold And Beautiful
What does it take for Fergie to be on the list? TWO guest rooms converted to closets – one for casual wear and one for glamwear plus 100 pairs of shoes and a whole lot of purses.

Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy tells me she feels her biological clock ticking. She and her husband just got married and are living a very carefree life – jetting off to Europe to sleep in, staying up ‘til 5 in the morning drinking champagne and…other things – but she says she really has to get on this whole pregnancy thing. All that sounds more like Spring Break, not marriage! She told me “It’s a huge lifestyle change and I take that very seriously.” Hey if you keep having those 5 a.m. champagne parties you’ll be making that change before you know it! Grey's Anatomy is back with a two hour premiere on the 25th on ABC.

Actress Hillary Swank’s latest role? Outpatient. Hillary is back home after undergoing a mystery medical procedure. Her manager told me she was “experiencing some discomfort and went to see her doctor, who prescribed an immediate course of action” which removed a small benign growth.

STAR Artist David Cook taped a very special message for the Stand Up To Cancer television special but it never made it to air. Producers tell me it was cut due to time restrictions. But the long-lost video is now online and as you may have figured, David does talk about his brother Adam who is battling brain cancer. Check out the video here.

Actor Shia LaBeouf is finally speaking out after being in a serious car accident back in July. He told me “The fact is, I'm very blessed, I'm just a fortunate human being to have walked away from that and, and I'm happy to be back on set." The set he’s on now is the Transformers sequel Revenge of the Fallen, which is due out June 2009.

STAR Artist Coldplay wrote so many new songs when they were working on their most recent release, they had enough leftover to release another CD in December. Lucky fans that are on the road could be in for a treat. Coldplay tells me they may perform one of those new songs at some upcoming shows.

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