September 24, 2008

More new TV is back tonight - hope that includes one of your favorite shows. Here's what's coming back and what's new & making its debut:
* The New Adventures of Old Christine, 7 p.m. -- Christine does her best to stop a possible deportation of Wanda Sykes’ Barb.

* Gary Unmarried, 7:30 p.m. – Jay Mohr is a divorced painting contractor getting a handle on his ex-wife, kids, and dating life all at once.

* Criminal Minds, 8 p.m. -- The FBI profilers are in search of some terrorists in the aftermath of a bombing.

* CSI: NY, 9 p.m. -- We learn the fallout from the robbery in which Mac Taylor was taken hostage.

* Knight Rider, 7 p.m. -- After returning as a TV movie earlier this year, the update of the classic 1980s series pulls into a weekly time slot.

* Lipstick Jungle, 9 p.m. – Mary Tyler Moore is introduced as Brooke Shields' mother in the second-season premiere.

You can remove the "rumored" tag from Lindsay Lohan’s "rumored girlfriend," Samantha Ronson. Lindsay has confirmed what pretty much everyone suspected when she admitted on a radio show she and Ronson are dating. When she was asked how long she and Ronson have been dating, Lindsay said, quote, "A very long time." Well great. Just what we need -- another reason for her father to release a statement.

Former American Idol finalist Clay Aiken is finally ready to tell the world that he's gay. Most of the world already knew his secret, but after refusing to discuss his sexuality for years, he's come clean to People magazine. Clay appears on the cover of the latest issue with his new son, with a headline that reads, "Yes, I'm Gay." The cover also features a quote from Clay stating, "I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things."

Last Friday night, STAR Artist Gavin DeGraw performed at a free concert with Blink 182’s Travis Barker and DJ AM, hours before they were in the plane crash that left them with severe burns and killed four people. And Gavin says his friends and family were terrified that he was on the plane as well. He told me, "My dad got on the phone and he goes, 'Just say hi.' And I said, 'Huh?' And he said, 'That's enough. I just wanted to hear your voice.'"

With the economy continuing to nose-dive, you may need to borrow some money. Aside from rubbing in our noses just how rich some people are, Forbes has put out the list of the richest Americans – also known as who I’ll hit up for cash.
1. Bill Gates (Microsoft chairman) - $57 billion
2. Warren Buffett (Financier) - $50 billion
3. Lawrence Ellison (Oracle CEO) - $27 billion
4. Jim Walton (son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton) - $23.4 billion
5. (tie) S. Robson Walton (son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton) - $23.3 billion
5. (tie) Alice Walton (daughter of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton) - $23.3 billion
7. Christy Walton and family (daughter-in-law of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton) - $23.2 billion
8. Michael Bloomberg (New York City mayor) - $20 billion
9. (tie) Charles Koch (CEO of Koch Industries) - $19 billion
9. (tie) David Koch (Executive vice president of Koch Industries, brother of Charles) - $19 billion

Every now and then a really random piece of information about Dr. McDreamy Patrick Dempsey makes it way into public – today is one of those days. Evidently, Dr. McDreamy Patrick Dempsey likes to spice things up in the bedroom. How? With a little smack on the keester. "Romance is an atmosphere, a feeling, a mood, a place, it's in the air. It is the little things - even a spanking every now and then." Well wouldn’t ya know it? There’s probably millions of women who would let you spank them, Patrick.

Sure, they just had twins this summer, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are already thinking about expanding their family some more. Sources tell me Angie and Brad made a pact when she got pregnant that they’d adopt one or two more kids as soon as possible after the twins were born. That’s very admirable – Brad and Angelina giving up their Hollywood lifestyle to open a daycare. I mean come on! They’ll have more kids than a Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday afternoon.

Yet another musical act has booked a guest-starring role on CSI: NY. Following the news that STAR Artist Chris Daughtry will appear in the show's 100th episode in November, STAR Artist Maroon 5 has just announced that they'll appear in the show's October 1st episode, the second one of the season. No word yet on what the band will be doing in that episode.

Earlier this year, STAR Artist Leona Lewis was voted "World's Sexiest Vegetarian," and now she's designing a line of accessories that both vegetarians and vegans can wear.

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