September 25, 2008

Some BIG shows are back tonight including my favorite, The Office. Here's a complete rundown of what's new tonight:
* Ugly Betty, 7 p.m. -- Whose offer will Betty choose: Gio's or Henry's? Lindsay Lohan returns as Betty's rival, and Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa also guest star.

* Grey's Anatomy, 8 p.m. -- The fifth season begins with a two-hour premiere in which Meredith and Derek try to sort out their relationship. Meanwhile, Cristina falls for a military doctor.

* Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden, 7 p.m. -- The 17th season of Survivor finds 18 castaways in Gabon, Africa. Meet the cast at

* My Name Is Earl, 7 p.m. -- Earl gets back to work on his karma list, lending a hand to guest star Seth Green.

* The Office, 8 p.m. -- The employees of Dunder Mifflin collectively go on a diet as part of a weight-loss program. More importantly, Jim is separated from Pam, the woman to whom he almost proposed, who's attending a New York art school.

* ER, 9 p.m. -- The long-running drama will conclude with its 15th season. Tonight's episode follows up on the explosion of the ambulance and how it may have affected Nurse Samantha Taggart and Dr. Gregory Pratt. Angela Bassett and several former ER cast members -- not George Clooney, at least so far -- will make appearances this season.

The Queen of Daytime Television Oprah Winfrey will be lending her voice to a Disney hand-drawn animated movie, The Princess and the Frog. Her signing on probably has something to do with that movie featuring the first African-American princess who will be voiced by Dreamgirls actress Anika Noni Rose. In even more movie casting news, Johnny Depp has officially signed on for the live-action/CG combo Alice in Wonderland and he’ll be back as Captain Jack in a 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin has Saturday Night fever. If you believe rumors, and I always do, Palin is considering making a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live and if that happens, I’d bet the farm Tina Fey is there too. Apparently Sarah is so serious about doing this she took a tour of the studios yesterday. Of course all this could be untrue if my source just happened to see Tina Fey in make-up.

STAR Artist Natasha Bedingfield is a role model to many young women, but she's got her own role model: her mom. And how inspiring is her mom? Well, yesterday, she arrived in Nepal, where she's now preparing to skydive from 29,500 feet over Mount Everest. Why? Well, the dive -- the highest ever charity skydive in the world -- is a fundraiser for her charity, Global Angels. Of her mom’s stunt, Natasha says, “It's crazy...She's someone who's doing crazy things to help kids.”

Everyone remember loud-mouthed Spike from this past season of Top Chef? Sure he can cook but he evidently can't read health code procedures and regulations. The Washington D.C. Department of Health flagged his new restaurant for "critical" missteps including storing beef in the alley behind his café. Spike didn't have anything nice to say about those allegations, "I know how to run a restaurant, and I know how to keep it clean. You can come right here and you can eat off the floor. I don't run anything unhealthy."

Last night America's Next Top Model said goodbye to two contestants: Hannah after some lackluster strutting and then Isis, who if you recall, is the show's first transgender contestant. Tyra called her performance "uninspired."

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