September 5, 2008

TV Guide has ranked the Top 10 Television Pilots (first episodes) of all-time. Here they are:
1. Lost (2004)
2. 24 (2001)
3. The Shield (2002)
4. The Sopranos (1999)
5. 30 Rock (2006)
6. Football Wives (2007)
7. Desperate Housewives (2004)
8. Saturday Night Live (1975)
9. ER (1994)
10. Alias (2001
If you haven't seen the Lost pilot, go to Blockbuster and rent the first disc of season 1 - it's like a mini-movie - SO good.

Pagng Dr. Greene…NBC announced yesterday that Anthony Edwards will be coming back to ER to reprise his role as Dr. Mark Greene. Don’t worry they won’t be resurrecting him from the brain tumor death that ended his storyline 6 years ago, he’ll just be in a flashback. And wouldn’t ya know it, that flashback will appear during November sweeps.

Nicolas Cage aims to take Tropic Thunder down a notch this weekend at the movie, his new one Bangkok Dangerous comes out today. He plays an assassin named Joe hired to kill a crime boss in Thailand. Bangkok Dangerous is the only new movie opening nationally this weekend.

Not a lot of people knew they were even working on it but STAR Artist Nickelback will drop a new album on us November 18th with a first single called “If Today Was Your Last Day.” This will be the follow-up to "All The Right Reasons" which has sold over 7 million copies and is still charting on the Billboard 100.

The sisterly duo known as STAR Artist Heart sent the McCain campaign a cease and desist letter when their song Barracuda was used twice without permission at the Republican National Convention.

On their website, STAR Artist Snow Patrol who sing the song “Chasing Cars” posted the track list for their new CD "A Hundred Million Songs" and everything looks normal until the final song “The Lightning Strike” which has 3 SUB-titles. Why? Because it’s 16 minutes long. Band members acknowledged to me “It’s by far the longest we’ve ever done. Don’t be frightened though, it’s great.” You’ll get to hear what that sounds like when the new album hits stores October 28th.

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