September 4, 2008

As voted on by you, or someone you know who voted in this, MovieFone has put out the top movies of the summer. The best superhero movie? Sex & the City. Wait, no. The Dark Knight. Sorry. Best CHICK FLICK was Sex & the City. Funniest Comedy honors went to Tropic Thunder. Best Family Film was claimed by WALL-E, probably my favorite movie of the summer. The Dark Knight was voted the movie most worth your hard-earned cash, least worth it, not surprisingly, was Eddie Murphy’s Meet Dave. Looking ahead a year or so MovieFone asked which 2009 summer movie you’re most excited to see. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the top vote getter. Though I’d still rather see it in November. Stupid movie company…

Actor David Spade is taking the high road after a recent paternity test proved he IS the father of a child born to a Playboy Playmate last week. He had said in the past “If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility.” Time to put your money where your mouth is bud.

First Harry Potter, now this. The new U2 album’s release date has been pushed back. On the band’s official website Bono wrote the new CD will be “nearly ready for the new year of 2009.”

Oprah’s back new on Monday and none other then American Idol winner and STAR Artist David Cook will be the special musical guest to serenade the 175 Olympians Oprah plans to salute. David actually flew to Chicago yesterday to tape the performance then rejoined the American Idols tour. Busy dude.

STAR Artist Christina Aguilera is puttin’ out her first greatest hits CD called "Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits". On the CD you’ll get 10 of her biggest songs, 2 of them re-recorded especially for the album AND two new songs. Look for the CD exclusively at Target on November 11th.

NBC won’t confirm anything but I hear Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton is in talks to appear on next season’s Celebrity Apprentice. He's hoping he's tasked with selling triple axels.

STAR Artist Natasha Bedingfield met David Archuleta when she appeared on American Idol this past season and it looks like their paths will cross again. Rumor has it they’ll be getting together for a collaboration. Is that official? Natasha says "Not yet...we've talked about it, though. I definitely said I'd love to write something for him."

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Andrea Celeste said...

OMG...I´ll love a duet with David Archuleta and Natasha they both have amazing voices...