October 1, 2009

Oprah kicked off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month yesterday when Christina Applegate stopped by to talk about her very recent double mastectomy. In case you missed it, check out a clip here. Warning: your eyes may water a little.

So I guess no one was right about the Dancing With the Stars results show last night. The Vegas odds makers wanted you to bet on Cloris Leachman, I thought it would be Chef Rocco DiSpirito…but no. It turns out no one likes the bootylicious Kim Kardashian. I mean think about it. 2 couples scored less than Kim and America still wanted her off their TV. Guess she’s not as popular as she thinks she is. After the show Kim said, "This was a huge challenge for me. Every dance was a huge accomplishment for me, and I did the best I could. And this was the best experience of my life." Now she can get back to doin' what she does best – gold-diggin’.

The new fall TV season continues tonight with 3 premieres on ABC and one on DirecTV:
Pushing Daisies -- The second season premiere of the quirky hit features Chuck going undercover when a model at a cosmetics company dies from a bee sting. Meanwhile Lily takes Olive to a nunnery so she can't reveal Lily's deep, dark secret. ABC, 7 p.m.

Private Practice -- The adventures of former Grey's Anatomy character Addison Montgomery, played by Kate Walsh, continues. While two men are now competing for her affections, she learns that Naomi is hiding the practice's financial problems. Meanwhile Cooper must decide if he should reveal a medical secret to a patient. ABC, 8 p.m.

Dirty, Sexy Money -- Nick Darling is the guest of honor at a luxurious birthday party on a yacht. Movie actress Lucy Liu joins the cast this season to stir things up. ABC, 9 p.m.

Friday Night Lights -- Season three of the football drama begins an exclusive run on DirecTV tonight with uncut, commercial-free episodes months before they air on NBC in 2009.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about STAR Artist Alicia Keys singin’ the new James Bond movie theme song – now the video is here:

Apparently Jennifer Aniston is so obsessed with maintaining that perfect deep, dark tan, she shelled out $34,00 for two – count ‘em 2 – tanning beds. Supposedly the day before a big photo shoot her old one conked out so she had to go to a public tanning salon which freaked her out so much she bought the two new ones: one to use normally and one as a back-up. So then in about 20 years maybe Jennifer can hire TWO dermatologists to treat her skin cancer. Yeesh.

PBS newswoman Gwen Ifill says she still plans to moderate the first Vice Presidential debate on Thursday night even after breaking her ankle walking down the stair at her home. Maybe she should change her name from Gwen Ifill to Gwen I Fall. Sorry. That was bad.

I got more details on STAR Artist Maroon 5’s appearance on CSI: NY tonight – they’ll be performing their newest song on a rooftop in the city. Make sure you tune in early ‘cause it’s at the very beginning of the episode. 9 p.m. on CBS.

STAR Artist Sara Bareilles will be performing on Brooke Shields’ hit show Lipstick Jungle tonight – 9 p.m. on NBC.

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