October 13, 2008

The Weekend's Box-Office Recap:
1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua, $17.5 million
2. Quarantine, $14.2 million
3. Body of Lies, $13.1 million
4. Eagle Eye, $11 million
5. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, $6.5 million
6. The Express, $4.7 million
7. Nights in Rodanthe, $4.6 million
8. Appaloosa, $3.34 million
9. The Duchess, $3.32 million
10. City of Ember, $3.2 million

Here are the Top 10 Tear-Jerker Movies of All-Time:
1. Bambi (1942)
2. Ghost (1990)
3. The Lion King (1994)
4. E.T. (1982)
5. Titanic (1997)
6. Beaches (1998)
7. Philadelphia (1993)
8. Watership Down (1978)
9. Boys Don't Cry (1999)
10. Steel Magnolias (1989)

Following a successful battle with breast cancer, Christina Applegate returns to the small screen in the ABC comedy Samantha Who? Check out its season 2 premiere at 8:30. Also tonight, NBC unveils its new action drama My Own Worst Enemy starring Christian Slater. He’s a suburban dad who unknowingly leads a double-life as a Jason Bourne-type spy. Check that out at 9 p.m.

Even though I told she was all good to go for her concert on Saturday night, STAR Artist Janet Jackson had to cancel that one too. That show was to mark her return to the road after a mystery illness had her sidelined for seven concerts. She’s expected to get back to performing tonight in Verona, New York.

Former American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe knows how to stroke Simon Cowell’s ego. He says there's a good reason why Simon makes more money than fellow judges Randy and Paula for his work on the show. "There is always jealousy in every job. Why is he getting more than the other two judges? Because it is believed that he brings more to the table." Lythgoe says he thinks Simon now earns approximately $36 million per year from Fox.

STAR Artist Leona Lewis might be going to court in the near future. A record company wants to release an album she made before she was a superstar and Leona isn’t too keen on that. Speaking of lawsuits, STAR Artist Bon Jovi is being sued for $400 billion! Yeah, you heard me, BILLION. A guy claims Bon Jovi’s 2007 song “I Love This Town” is a blatant rip-off of his band’s song “(Man I Really) Love This Team.” How the heck did he get a number like $400 billion. Well copyright law allows for $100,000 per CD sold, and Lost Highway has sold 4 million copies.4 million x $100,000 = $4 billion

Following a good amount of drama on what should be a funny hour of television, Presidential wanna-be John McCain will appear on the Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday night. McCain actually announced his run for the presidency on Letterman’s show but after canceling an appearance, Letterman hasn’t exactly been happy with McCain. We’ll see if they can make amends Thursday night.

STAR Artist Maroon 5’s Adam Levine says he and the guys are already writing songs for a new album and much like their previous album’s title, it won’t be soon before long. He told me, “I think it's going to be a very spontaneous album-making process this time around....we're going to get back to the basic idea that made our band special...just kind of raw, simple, nothing too produced."

Congratulations to Lisa Marie Presley who gave birth to twin baby girls last week. We don’t know names yet but her publicist told me “...babies and mom are happy and healthy and resting at home."

STAR Artist Taylor Swift is already the face of L.E.I. Jeans but now sundresses are in her future. "They'll be really cute, but not that expensive, because I don't want my fans to ever feel like I wear the most expensive clothes and they can't relate to that."

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