October 29, 2008

Dancing With the Stars’ Julianne Hough had a successful appendectomy yesterday and will take 2 weeks off from the show. Cloris Leachman on the other hand, is taking a permanent vacation from the show. Cloris was voted off the show last night but immediately jokingly refused to leave, sitting down and then wasn’t able to get back up. Though she won’t be dancing, she’s not worried about how she’ll fill her days. Since she’s been getting so much exposure on the show, she’s been inundated with TV and movie offers.

I bet it’s actually kind of easy to be super-parents for six kids, especially when you have six nannies. Evidently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie half half-a-dozen nannies to keep their brood in check. Their dining room table in Berlin can seat 16 people – 8 chairs for the family, 6 chairs for the nannies and a couple extra in case the couple adopts more – seriously. The nannies should have nannies!

Ellen DeGeneres has Zac Efron on her show tomorrow and I've got a glimpse of part of the interview. Here's the setup: Zac's beautiful hairdo + Ellen + a pair of clippers.

Last season on American Idol it was the "Battle of the 2 Davids," and evidently they wanted to keep up that “fight.” Sure David Cook won the singing competition, but David Archuleta is winning the race to release their first album. STAR Artist David Cook’s new CD comes out November 18th but Archuleta’s comes out November 11th and is now available for pre-sale on iTunes.

ABC will be Pushing Daisies tonight while the other major broadcast networks are airing a half-hour political ad that pushes Barack Obama. The ad from the Obama campaign is set to air at 7.p.m. on CBS, NBC and Fox. ABC has been struggling with viewership on Wednesday nights so it’s opting out of the ad. An Obama spokesperson told me the ad (which cost ‘em $1 million per network) will present the Democrats’ plan to “turn the economy around and get the country back on track.”

Hey check it out! It's one of our first looks at Gwen Stefani's new baby, Zuma! Awwwwwwww!

STAR Artist Natasha Bedingfield is British so she can’t vote next week, but that’s not stopping her from encouraging you to vote. She writes in her blog, “Make sure you put your vote in, all you Americans. As a non-U.S. citizen, obviously I can't vote, but I wish I could, because your decision on the next president will affect the world big-time.”

Robert Downey Jr. is going the distance as Iron Man. He's inked a deal for two more Iron Man movies and he's also signed on to be Tony Stark in the all-stars movie, The Avengers.

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