June 3, 2008

Ever wanted to see what former wife of Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards goes through on a daily basis? Yeah, me neither. But if there’s nothing else on TV you can flip to Denise Richards: It’s Complicated on E!. Denise says she’ll use the show to set the record straight about all the random rumors that have spawned off her former marriage to Charlie. How riveting. Charlie and Denise are like the BORING version of Hillary and Obama.

With Brangelina and STAR Artist U2 currently living in the same neck of the woods, Southern France, the band has said the couple’s welcome to stop by. U2’s David "The Edge" Evans tells us “it's great that they're coming down to our neck of the woods, and they can borrow sugar from us anytime they want."

More on Brad Pitt...Brad took time out from his acting career and baby watch Monday to announce his first environmentally-friendly architecture project: a new five-star hotel and resort for a developer based in Dubai. Good, ‘cause we all go there so often. In announcing the project, Brad said, "whilst acting is my career, architecture is my passion.” Brad Pitt needs a second job? Wow. Well he does have approximately 600 children to feed. And who says "whilst"?!

Even more on Brangelina...Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt certainly don't need the money, but TMZ.com says the bidding war for pictures of their expected twins has already reached $15 million and will probably go even higher. Supposedly the two publications in the run for the pics are People and OK! magazines. No U.S. News and World Report? They must be saving their money for a Presidential candidate bikini spread.

It’s been all of 5 days since its release and Hollywood and the rest of the country are already abuzz with talk of a Sex and the City sequel. A Warner Brothers executive wouldn’t confirm if it’s in the works but told us, “it's the only female movie that's created a frenzy. To me, this is a cultural phenomenon." That’s Hollywood suit code for, “we made a TON of money. The next *3* movies are already written.”

It must be getting serious between Jennifer Aniston and STAR Artist John Mayer, they’re talking about getting matching tattoos! Jen wants to add a heart to the one she currently has on her stomach. Was the first one for Brad? John thinks they should both get the letter “J.” for their first names.

After months of negotiations, the standoff between The Simpsons voice cast and series producer is over. Back up the money truck! The cast reached a new four-year deal, paying top actors almost $400,000 per episode.

What kind of mother will STAR Artist Ashlee Simpson be? A good one, according to her sister. Jessica Simpson tells People magazine quote, "she'll be amazing, absolutely amazing." Well that's all the proof I need!

STAR Artist Mariah Carey has made the New York Post’s annual list of New York’s 50 most powerful women. Senator Hillary Clinton is #1. Mariah’s at #40. Where is the Post’s priorities?!

STAR Artist Justin Timberlake will present actor Mike Myers with the Legacy of Laughter Award Sunday at the TV Land Awards.

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