June 4, 2008

It may be a while before we see new albums from STAR Artist Colbie Caillat, Elliot Yamin or the Plain White Tees but while we wait we can hear ‘em on new tracks on an album called Disneymania 6, in stores now. Colbie Caillat has redone The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss The Girl”.

Elliot Yamin did "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" from The Lion King.

And the Plain White Tees covered "When I See an Elephant Fly" from Dumbo.

STAR Artist Janet Jackson made a surprise appearance on ABC’s The View yesterday giving host Sherri Shepherd free tickets to her new tour. Apparently Sherri once slept outside to buy tickets to one of Janet’s shows. Now she won’t have to. Isn’t it nice to see celebrities giving other celebrities perks?

You can grab front-row tickets to STAR Artist Madonna’s new tour and help a great charity at the same time! Bid on the tickets at
LifeBeat.charitybuzz.com through the 11th and all proceeds go to LifeBeat which mobilizes resources to raise awareness and provide support to the AIDS community.

Though he knows his way around a guitar, you won’t see STAR Artist John Mayer playin’ any Guitar Hero anytime soon. John compares playing Guitar Hero to driving go-karts at an amusement park. Playing the guitar for real, he says, is like driving a Ferrari on the open road. Speaking of John and cars...Yesterday he got ticketed for not having either front or rear license plates on his SUV. The ticketing was actually covered on video.
Check it out here!

Actress Gina Gershon has had to deny having an affair with former President Bill Clinton. An article in Vanity Fair says Bill was visiting with her in California. The author of the article denied any insinuation that they had any kind of sexual relationship. Of course Bill didn’t get jiggy with Gina…she’s attractive!

One of the most unusual sights at last month’s Cannes Film Festival was boxer Mike Tyson promoting his own movie. It’s actually a documentary about him so it’ll be the first completely English movie to have to be done entirely with subtitles for American audiences!

Actress Gwenyth Paltrow already has two kids, Apple and Moses, but she says she could, quote, "force" herself to "do it one more time" because the result is so worth it. Her and her lead-singer-of-Coldplay husband are even open to adoption. Though she can’t browse the Third World for babies. Madonna and Angelina Jolie already have dibs on that.

When Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria showed up at a fashion awards gala in New York City Monday night, she was wearing a tight pink dress, accessorized with a metallic clutch, and what appeared to be a baby bump. Eva’s publicist made a key error. Instead of denying, she just refused to comment. If Eva is pregnant, it will give Jessica Alba some competition in the "hottest mom-to-be" rankings.

Congrats to X-Files star Gillian Anderson... she's pregnant! This will be her 3rd child and if you’re wondering if The X-Files is even still topical, the answer is yes. The second movie is in post-production. The first trailer can be seen right here!

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