June 30, 2008

Here are the Top 10 Movies from the past weekend!
1. WALL-E, $62.5 million
2. Wanted, $51.1 million
3. Get Smart, $20 million
4. Kung Fu Panda, $11.7 million
5. The Incredible Hulk, $9.2 million
6. The Love Guru, $5.4 million
7. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, $5 million
8. The Happening, $3.9 million
9. Sex and the City, $3.8 million
10. You Don't Mess With the Zohan, $3.2 million

Check out the first trailer for the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solice

Ever been haunted by something you did a long time ago? So has a Hollywood dad. Lindsay Lohan shouldn’t be surprised if some random woman walks up to her and says “Hey sis!” A former flame of Lindsay’s dad’s is claiming he fathered her teenage daughter. He has donated a DNA sample to prove this woman wrong. I sincerely hope he isn’t the father. The last thing this world needs is another Lohan.

Christian Bale is one hot Hollywood hunk, huh? His new Batman movie The Dark Knight is getting rave reviews by critics. As is the late Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker. I’m not exaggerating. The reviews I’m hearing are saying Heath could earn an Oscar nomination. The Dark Knight is in theaters July 18th.

Ya gotta pack smart for airline travel! Some airlines are charging $25 just to pack a second bag. I wonder how many bags Jennifer Anniston brought with her when she went to London, England this past weekend to see her boy, STAR Artist John Mayer. According to People magazine, Jennifer was backstage, taking pictures of John while he sang. How cute. By the way to save money when flying, speak with a reservationist, book online, and pack light. Gotta save money any way we can now right?

Picking out the right pair of flip flops can be hard! Which pair matches which summer dress? Luckily Matthew McConaughey doesn’t have that problem. I think any color pair of flip flops matches his shirtless torso. A few weeks ago I mentioned Matthew offered a reward to anyone that could find his flip flops he lost on vacation. According to Star magazine, that wasn’t his only vacation mishap. He had to hitchhike with locals to his hotel since he was intoxicated, they carried him into his room, then left, leaving the door unlocked only to come back, steal $2,000 and his Blackberry phone. But they left him his abs, thank goodness.

To strike or not to strike? That is the question dogging Hollywood. But while filmmakers, TV producers, casts and crews are holding their collective breaths with the Screen Actors Guild contract due to expire at midnight tonight, union president Alan Rosenberg says there is no immediate work stoppage in the works.

Variety reports that Oscar-nominated actress Amy Ryan will return to NBC's The Office next season for at least five episodes. She made her first appearance as new HR rep Holly Flax in May's season finale.

Miley Cyrus is still upset about the scandalous Vanity Fair photo shoot but she has some seriously mature perspectives on it. She told us, “I was embarrassed, but every career thing that I do can't be perfect, and sometimes my decisions are wrong. I think that just makes me even more relatable." But she adds, "It still hurts when I think about it."

STAR Artist Jesse McCartney may have wrote the song “Bleeding Love” for fellow STAR Artist Leona Lewis but he only recently actually met her. He says as soon as he walked up to her she gave him a big hug. He says quote, “She’s an absolute sweetheart.” I wonder if that hug was worth the millions it’s made her.

STAR Artist Maroon 5 was on Good Morning America on Friday performing some of their hits. Check out video of the performance here..

STAR Artist Coldplay is looking for an opening act and their accepting auditions now! Get your bands stuff to ‘em through coldplayontour.com! By the way, when Coldplay was on The Today Show on Friday they pulled in a record crowd of about 7,000 fans, more than any other act that’s been on the show this year.

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